At Weekend in Italy, we feel fortunate and privileged to live in an extraordinarily beautiful, rich and interesting country. No other country in the world can boast of our artistic and cultural heritage.

The landscape is varied, from the beautiful Dolomites mountains to the southern beaches, passing through the rolling hills of Tuscany and hundreds of large and tiny art-filled cities — places where age-old traditions, culture, food, hospitality and good living have built Italy’s reputation. Because there is so much to see and experience, we use our periodic newsletter to come up with special travel ideas, allowing you to discover the best of Italy with themed itineraries and walking tours throughout Italy — in cities, less known destinations, ancient villages and landscapes, always with an eye to culture and good food.

In this section you will find a selection of our Newsletters that will help you create and organize an unforgettable trip to Italy.

Art and culture

The genius of painters, sculptors, architects, and artists in various disciplines has given Italy the richest cultural heritage in the world, now available to visitors in hundreds of museums, galleries, palaces, shrines and exhibitions. We introduce you the best, not to be missed, Italian art and culture...-Discover >>

Discover walks

Follow our walking tours of the most beautiful tourist destinations. You will be guided step by step through streets, squares, museums, churches, as well as historical and folklore curiosities, for just a few hours or the whole day. Don't miss our selected shopping and gourmet stops in art-filled cities and picturesque villages...-
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Hidden Treasures

There is much, much more to Italy than Florence, Rome, Venice... Italy offers many destinations that are lesser-known but fascinating -- ideal for a second trip or for a in-depth visit. We guide you to unusual places that will make your vacation even more special and out of the ordinary...- Read More
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Themed Paths

Do you love art? Are you looking for the best of architecture, the most imposing cathedrals or the most picturesque squares? Are you a fond of gardens and do not want to miss the most impressive views? Follow our themed itineraries, each one filled with ideas that will deepen your knowledge of the best of Italy offers...Discover >>

Wine & Food Culture

Among the most special memories of any holiday are the scents and flavors of food and drink. Italy is the land of and for gourmets, with an infinite number of gastronomic options, different in each region and city. Our suggestions will help you combine art, culture, and the best of fine Italian dining...Discover >>

Countryside and Small Towns

Much of the charm of Italy comes from its diversity. Often just a few kilometers away from bustling urban centers you will find magical, pristine landscapes, seaside villages, ancient dwellings, each with unique traditions. Travel with us along art, culture, and folklore trails to discover the charm and variety of small villages...Discover >>