Choose your perfect weekend in Rome from these customized itineraries

Compare your travel program with our itineraries in Rome: learn how to enhance your visit based on our experience and our exclusive offers. This section of 'Weekend in Italy' we offer a series of itineraries designed to meet the needs of certain categories of travelers. Enter the area that best expresses your tastes and needs: find advice and tips to enjoy 3 days of art, beauty and good food. Let yourself be conquered by Rome!

Essential Rome

Planning a visit to Rome is full of endless possibilities – squares, churches, museums and archaeological sites – and can seem overwhelming. Use our itineraries to discover the best of Rome – we'll make sure that your first visit includes the most important masterpieces and experiences! Start with three enjoyable days that will introduce you to the essence of Rome. Discover the unmissable sights of a first visit by dedicating each day to a different key theme: Ancient Rome, Baroque Rome, and Papal Rome. Below, we begin with Ancient Rome, but the days are interchangeable, keeping in mind that the Vatican Museums remain closed on Sunday and are a must-see during a first visit to this unique city.

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Art Lovers


Rome is an open-air museum perfect for anyone who longs to submerse themselves in rich art and history. Every street running through the 2,500 year old city brims with historical landmarks and architecture, from the bustling piazzas and magnificent churches to the famous Colosseum and Pantheon.

Meanwhile, those same streets feature many museums that house masterpieces as ancient as Rome itself, as well as those from the Middle Ages, the Baroque period, and even today. In order to fully enjoy the best of the art Rome has to offer, we believe you need to spend at least three days enjoying this beautiful city.



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Rome for Families

Rome is surprisingly child friendly and an excellent place to travel with your entire family. Let your children romp through the beautiful gardens and piazzas, attend a soccer game, ride bikes, or explore a children’s museum filled with imaginative play activities and hands-on science exhibitions. Watch your child’s eyes light up as he meets a Roman gladiator. And even pickier eaters won’t decline an Italian favorite – pizza!

In this itinerary we show you how to do everything on your own. Or, you can unburden yourself with a few well-chosen family-oriented tours. Either way, you will find that Rome’s hospitality extends to all generations.

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Second Time Visitors

Enchanted by your first trip to Rome?

Your second time will be even more exciting! Rome is a city with so much art, beauty, and humanity that finding new itineraries and sights to discover is never a problem.

You'll feel like you're coming home – and looking for special and less known attractions will be that much easier.

We've gathered some of our favorite things to do for your second Roman holiday – and we're sure that they will seal your relationship with the Eternal City!

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Italy at your pace

Discover our tailor-made itineraries in other major Italian destinations too! Plan your holiday according to your needs - we have studied a number of routes, tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your time, avoid bad surprises and discover the best of the most beautiful Italy. Each destination is full of secrets just waiting to be revealed - so relax and make use of our experience to optimize your visit. Browse the section dedicated to each city, compare your program and choose the options that best work for you: your holiday will be richer and more complete!