Choose your perfect weekend in Venice from these customized itineraries

Compare your travel program with our itineraries in Venice: learn how to enhance your visit based on our experience and our exclusive offers. This section of 'Weekend in Italy' we offer a series of itineraries designed to meet the needs of certain categories of travelers. Enter the area that best expresses your tastes and needs: find advice and tips to enjoy 3 days of art, beauty and good food. Let yourself be conquered by Venice!

Essential Venice

Discover Venice, a city suspended in time. Venice is not only a major tourist destination, it is a rare jewel in Italy's crown, completely unique. Venice consists of 118 small islands separated by more than 200 canals. The city on the water is an unusual microcosm, which unfolds its beauty at every turn – through meandering canals, majestic palaces, and ordinary houses, but also in its churches, artisans' shops, and squares hidden in the maze of narrow calli (streets). Every corner is steeped in mystery, in that famously decadent charm handed down through the centuries thanks to astute traders, power play, and works of art inspired by so much history. If travel is your passion, a vacation in Venice is an essential experience. Here are our recommendations for your three-day stay in the Venice lagoon, including the best this amazing city has to offer to its tourists.

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Romantic Venice

If you are looking for a romantic getaway - not a beach paradise lost in an ocean atoll - and prefer the charm and beauty of a city of art, the first that comes into mind is Venice.

Few other destinations in the world are universally dedicated to art and love as La Serenissima, a unique city without cars where time seems to move as slowly as the gentle motion of the water in its canals.

Venice is meant to be enjoyed at a slow pace and is an ideal destination for a few days away from modernity. It’s a place where wonderful views, art, and good food are easily found.

Here is a relaxing three days to give to your partner for an anniversary or just for a getaway in the city of love.

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Venice for Second Time Visitors

Venice is a city rich in art and culture, which many first time visitors try to “do” in just one day – with a quick visit to Saint Mark's Square and the surrounding streets following the classical route to the Rialto Bridge, lost among the many souvenir shops. But Venice is an ancient gem with a thousand faces, which cannot fail to capture you and call you back for a second, more in-depth visit. Now you can dig deeper and enjoy getting to know more about the art, history, folklore, and culture that made you fall in love with Venice the first time around. Follow our itinerary, step off the beaten track, and you'll truly meet the pearl on the water!

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Venice for Art Lovers

Venice is an open-air museum, so beautiful and picturesque that in the eyes of an art lover, every building, view, channel, and 'calle' conveys emotions equal to those of admiring a painting or a statue. The ultimate Venetian experience is to venture out without a map and to get lost in the maze of streets. Each walk is a unique artistic experience that brings with it a sense of excitement of discovery. We recommend that you combine your unguided and unplanned strolls through Venice with a 'must see' list to assure nothing is missed. To assist you we have assembled a three-day itinerary to help make certain that you see the most important museums and attractions. We include what a true art lover absolutely must see with time to wander. Follow our route and you will return home with unforgettable memories of Venice.

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Italy at your pace

Discover our tailor-made itineraries in other major Italian destinations too! Plan your holiday according to your needs - we have studied a number of routes, tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your time, avoid bad surprises and discover the best of the most beautiful Italy. Each destination is full of secrets just waiting to be revealed - so relax and make use of our experience to optimize your visit. Browse the section dedicated to each city, compare your program and choose the options that best work for you: your holiday will be richer and more complete!