The Principles
Alessandro Naldi, ([email protected]), General Manager
Founder and primary developer of Weekend in Florence S.r.l., Naldi is a studied entrepreneur whose previous career in accounting and finance prepared him to set up the infrastructure for a successful Web business. Naldi is a native of Florence and holds a doctorate in economics from Florence Economy University.
He is a frequent speaker at marketing and Internet business worldwide events, including Internet World and U.S. Direct Marketing Association conferences, as well in Europe. He also gives frequently lessons at courses of net economy technology from Milan Politecnico, and international marketing training from Università Bocconi in Milan

Count Giovanni Carlo Rimbotti, Founding Partner
A Florentine businessman whose family traces its title back to Charlemagne in the year 1100.

Benedetta Bini Naldi, ([email protected]), Customer Service Mgr.
Co-founder of Weekend in Florence with her husband, Ms. Naldi's important family roots in Florence go back many centuries.

Filial administrativa
Manager General WAF/USA Richard Cross, [email protected].
Fudador da consultora Cross World Network, Inc, e Page Managers, sociedade de gerenciamento de conteudos e serviços, colunista e autor de negócios amplamente divulgados.
Escritórios nos EUA
10 Winkle Rd
Hudson, NY 12534
[email protected],
+1-518 - 944 - 4333

Os jornalistas, escritores e editores dos EUA e Canada favor entrar em contato com Richard Cross,
[email protected],
Para todos os outro jornalistas, escritores e editores favor contatar Alessandro Naldi diretamente,
[email protected], +39-0574-38074,
WEEKEND A FIRENZE, s.r.l., Via Pistoiese 132, 59100 Prato (Italy).