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Create an account today and enjoy immediate discounts and earnings! In addition to more than 30 of Italy's most visited museums and attractions, Weekend in Italy offers over 600 supplemental tours, free audio guides, and free city-by-city itineraries that help you plan the best possible experience for your clients. Many are unique to Weekend in Italy, you can't order them anywhere else.

Registering is quick and benefits are immediate. Just fill out the form below and start earning more!
1. How does it work? As a registered travel agent you can buy travel products on WII's website at a discount (which becomes your immediate gain). You can also create an online sales office for your agency's website, and earn high commissions.
2. What type of service can I offer my customers? You can assist the customers who come to your agency by purchasing travel products on the WII site. You can assist your clients who visit your website in the same way, once you have placed an online WII's ecommerce 'ticket office,' as we call it, on your agency's website. When you place your order on the WII website, your WII discount becomes your immediate earning. No waiting period for checks or money transfers from WII. When a client places an order through your agency's ticket office you earn a generous commission that is paid according to our contract with you.
3. What kind and what level of compensation can I expect from my work as a travel agent WII affiliate? The more you order through WII, the more you gain in commissions or in discounts. Example: Commissions equal 10% of confirmed and invoiced sales. Say you have € 50,000 of confirmed and invoiced sales in one year, commissions will be equal to € 5,000.
4. I know service providers that I find interesting, and yet they do not appear among the WII offerings. Is your offer really complete? With over 600 bookable online services, we certainly offer the widest range of any Italian supplier. And yet - we are constantly on the look-out for new offers to amplify our gamut of products and services, provided they are of proven quality.
5. What level of technical expertise is required of me? No technical expertise is required. The use of the WII platform is probably much simpler than many tools you are using on a daily basis.
6. Why should I trust you? Because we are long-time suppliers of the largest tour operators online (such as Expedia, GTA, JTB, CTRIP, BWTRIP, Dertour, among many others) that reliably use our services for all their customers for close to 20 years.
7. How and where do I see my results (commissions)? The results are available in real time on a dashboard that we'll create for you when you sign the contract with WII.
8. What solutions do you offer to earn commissions? There are two ways of earning economic benefits for your agency: - Buy travel products at a discount on WII's website - you'll immediately earn the margin you set. - Install the free online ticket office on your agency's website. The ticket office is made for you by WII. You will accrue commissions every time online users purchase through your agency's site. Otherwise, you can simply register on our site, and every time you make an online order, you will receive a discount (which becomes your profit margin).
9. What initial training and ongoing support will I receive as a promoter? - On-boarding program. - Printed guidelines. - Online calls with WII's qualified and friendly staff. One of our representatives will be assigned to take care of you when you decide to join the team. Together, you’ll evaluate the best ways to get the maximum benefits from our collaboration, you’ll assess the results of the use and sale of our ticket offices, and (if necessary) work on how to improve these numbers. You'll be informed about new services available, any promotions, temporary exhibitions and so on, in real time.
10. How can I track my sales and revenue? You will receive an online dashboard that allows you to follow in real time all sales and commissions earned. 11. Who will help me in my startup process? When you sign the contract with WII, you'll be given your personal WII service representative.
11. Who will help me in my startup process? When you sign the contract with WII, you'll be given your personal WII service representative.
12. How often can I get my money and how? Sales and commissions are visible in real time on an online dashboard that we'll open for you when you sign the contract. Commissions are paid monthly, when they exceed the amount of â € 100, or within the year, regardless of the amount.
13. What happens when I stop working with you? What about my portfolio? This is all detailed in the contract that you will sign. You will cash in approximately 50% of the commissions earned for one year from the termination of the collaboration.
Why use WII to create your packages? 'For the range of travel products offered plus the speed and quality of our service. WII makes it easy to find hundreds of tours, museums, and excursions, often unfindable elsewhere. WII confirms promptly in real time or within one business day at the latest.' What are the advantages of becoming a Travel Agent Partner of WII? 'Say you are a travel agent in Hong Kong with a client who wants a custom itinerary. You register as a Travel Agent Partner and place your order, which is automatically discounted by 10% at checkout. You charge your client your retail price and keep the discount for yourself. Additionally, you can add a ticket office to your website – installed by us for FREE – and you'll earn 10% commission revenue from every online booking.'
What is so special about WII travel products? ‘Aside from the most famous Italian museums (the largest selection online), there are gardens, hikes, catacombs, private collections, and historical buildings that are not usually available. You can rely on our expertise to help you successfully assist those of your customers who have already visited the main attractions and are interested in new experiences.' Why is it convenient to use WII? WII offers a wide range of solutions – giving your business access to travel products that will satisfy your traditional customers as well as your online customers. And we give you all the support you need. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to directly contact the individual museums? ‘Absolutely not. Doing so would mean you have to handle communication with several entities who are not set up to serve your needs. Many museums have limited customer service hours and require you to speak Italian. Avoid the headaches – and use WII as your sole partner in handling all your requests. Lean on WII's experience to provide your customers with the greatest choice of the best travel services in Italy. With nearly 20 years experience you can trust us for instant booking confirmation of even large numbers of tickets during the high season with scheduling flexibility. We'll help you with all your needs – by chat or phone, 24 hours a day.'
Won't it be difficult to set up the affiliation? 'Don't worry, it's all very simple - sign the contract and choose the services you want to include on your website. You'll receive the file so your web agency/designer can customize the graphics. The day after you receive the web address for your “ticket office” e-commerce link, your control panels will be ready and you can start selling and earning commissions.‘