Cinema Francesco Alliata: Science Gymnasium - 5D Journeys into Science

Swim with the dolphins, experience the food chain, ride a Tsunami wave...


Cineteatro Francesco Alliata
Via Cardinale Dusmet sn, c/o Vecchia Dogana, Catania (CT).

5D Science Gymnasium: science and nature to live in 5D, exploring marine and interplanetary worlds, thanks to engaging digital reconstructions in 3 dimensions, movement sessions, air and water special effects.


Tuesday to Sunday at 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30noon

Languages: Italian

Reservations must be made at least 3 business days ahead for single visitors, at least 7 days for groups.

Cancellation policy: it is possible to cancel up to 3 days before the visit in order to be refunded the cost of tickets minus service fee. Further cancellations and no shows are no refundable.

Cinema Francesco Alliata: Science Gymnasium, 5D Journeys into Science

Experience the “5D” excitement of the “Science Gymnasium” - explore marine and interplanetary worlds through engaging digital 3D reconstructions - plus movements of your chair, and special air and water effects creating the “5D” experience!



Discover the secrets of the dolphins – ride the waves with them, learn how they live and communicate. Your chair will move, and gusts of wind take you on an exciting journey, in harmony with the dancing and jumping dolphins.


Take a virtual journey along the marine food chain from plankton to jellyfish, to fish and large whales. This adventure is filled with stunning 3D images accompanied by special effects.


Where does the tremendous and destructive force of a tsunami come from? How does the Tsunami wave move and grow, rising far above the coastline, above the people, animals, and buildings it meets?

Perceive the original causes, starting with the Big Bang and the movements of the earth, and understand the impact on land of these phenomena that start from the bottom of the ocean – all thanks to the exciting special effects of the “5D” Science Gymnasium.

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