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Planning one's holiday is such a pleasant way of spending some time... What about adding some witty detail, or romance or just the comfort of a stress-free private car transfer? For further information please contact us - [email protected] - or fill out the form below

Our personalized concierge-style services will make your dreams come true:

Visits to private collections, private openings of museums, exclusive tours of vineyards and cellars, meet and greet services, horse carriages tours, private chefs, exclusive opening of noble homes, countryside estates, renaissance and baroque palaces, personal trainers, calligraphy courses, gastronomy experiences (truffle hunting, ice cream parlors hopping, wine and olive oil tasting, cooking courses by award-winning chefs) expert guides and art professors, off-the-beaten track suggestions and many more...an endless wish list... all over Italy!

Private art collections: Italians are born with art in their eyes, in their heart, and in their DNA. It is no surprise that private art collections include works never displayed publically. Just for you, we can arrange tours of these collections for a never to be forgotten day of art appreciation and pleasure. Private museum openings: Imagine you and your travel companions or guests enjoying a full tour of a museum that is closed to others. We organize dinners, cocktails, and concerts for companies and individuals when the museums are closed to the public. Exclusive tours of vineyards and cellars: Tuscany is the most famous among all Italian regions as a wine producer thanks to Chianti and the more recent Supertuscans. The vineyards and wineries are just stunning. We proudly arrange for you to meet with the owners themselves for a journey that includes scenic vineyards, fabulous wines, and family histories dedicated to viticulture. Meet and greet services: If you want a real bespoke service, our experienced travel directors will greet you at the airport with Tuscan chocolates as a sweet welcome. The assistant will coordinate luggage service, car service or taxicab, and will be at your disposal to help you with every aspect of your visit. Horse carriage tours: In Florence and Rome, horse carriages are part of the city landscape and are an especially nice way to tour the city center admiring the beauty from an elegant and old-fashioned point of view.
Meals prepared by private chefs: Our chefs will come to your rented home, villa, or other location to prepare and serve any meal you wish pairing delicious foods with special wines. Exclusive openings of noble homes: Noble families are central to Italy’s rich history. Even today Italy’s nobility own fantastic mansions, castles, and even small islands and are willing to open their doors to you for private events. We make all the arrangements. Exclusive openings of Renaissance and baroque palaces: As above, but these are in Rome, Florence, and Venice, where your choices have no limits. Personal trainers: If you plan to run the New York Marathon and want to continue your training while in Italy or if you are a on a special exercise routine, our certified trainers will come to your hotel or villa to help keep your wellness plan on track. Calligraphy courses: A unique way to relax between active days full of museum visits, shopping and sightseeing. The course instructor is an internationally renowned calligrapher who has worked as a designer for many years, and speaks fluent English. These custom calligraphy workshops offer something for every level of ability and every taste! Truffle hunting: Imagine waking early to join an experienced guide and team of trained dogs in Tuscany's fabled forest to look for that most precious of commodities, the truffle! You get to keep what you find, of course, to enjoy at home or to prepare here in Italy taught by one of our fabulous chefs.
Ice cream parlor hopping: Italy is so well known for gelato that it needs no description beyond "simply delicious". But the very best shops have their specialties you will only find on this tour. Great for kids of all ages! Wine and olive oil tasting:Italy's wines vary greatly from one region to another, due to soil, sun exposure, climate and even the way vines are trimmed. Olive oil tasting is a nice addition to the wine tasting. Both are led by specialized sommeliers and can be performed either at the producer's vineyard and groves, in private areas in restaurants or outdoors during an excursion -- weather permitting. Cooking courses by award winning chefs: Imagine your own chef coming to your rented villa to prepare a meal just for you. Events can also be arranged at a restaurant or chefs own kitchen. Most chefs have received Michelin stars or other important recognition during their professional life. The course is always hands on and chef's hats and aprons are available to you. End the lesson with a meal if you choose. Expert private guides and professors: All our tour guides are certified by the Italian authority that regulates tourism professionals and have been selected by us for their personality and knowledge. We also provide special visits guided by art professors in Florence, Venice, and Rome. Off-the-beaten track suggestions: We can add tips on tiny restaurants, artisans, food specialties, and shops according to your itinerary. and much more.

This is a check list we use as an 'order form' so you can indicate exactly what you have in mind - and so we can best assist you in creating your perfect Italian experience: