City Sightseeing Bus Florence 48 hours

With our convenient hop-on hop-off formula, you'll see the major places of interest - in comfort.

See magnificent Florence from the top of a red open top double-decker bus. With numerous stops conveniently located along the route, you can hop on and off at your leisure. Lines A (Florence city) and B (Florence - Fiesole) will help you discover the magic of the cradle of the Renaissance.

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Florence is the amazing "Cradle of the Renaissance", home to wonderful works of art loved all over the world, created by figures such as Michelangelo, Giotto, Botticelli, Della Robbia, Pontormo, just to name a few. City Sightseeing® Florence offers the opportunity to enjoy, from a privileged point of view, the Medieval and Renaissance views of the historic center, the small artisan shops, the food and wine specialties and the elegant boutiques. The City Sightseeing® Florence Open bus route allows you to visit some of the most beautiful and evocative places of this wonderful city, so rich in art and culture! Download the Sightseeing Experience APP now: a simple and practical way to orient yourself, move, visit and get to know the city. Inside the APP you will find a walking tour of the center available in 5 languages ​​and an interactive map that will show you the position of the buses in real time, the waiting time at each stop and your position so that you can easily reach the nearesr bus stop for you!


  • Wheelchair Welcome
  • WIFI
  • Free App “Sightseeing Experience”- Free recorded Walking tour and real position City Sightseeing bus
  • Public Transportation is not included

Meeting Point

Largo Fratelli Alinari, 8, 50123 Firenze FI - Stop near Santa Maria Novella Train Station, Florence.

Tickets are valid 48 hours

Florence Line - A

Period: All year long

Duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: from 15 minutes to 60 minutes (according to the season)

First departure: 9:30 am (times are subject to change)

Last departure: 4:30 pm (November - April) / 6 pm (May - October)

Commentary language: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian.


  • Stop 1 via Fiume
  • Stop 2 Libertà
  • Stop 3 Donatello
  • Stop 4 Beccaria
  • Stop 5 Santa Croce
  • Stop 6 Teatro Verdi
  • Stop 7 Ferrucci
  • Stop 8 Michelangelo
  • Stop 9 Galileo
  • Stop 10 Villa Cora
  • Stop 11 Porta Romana – viale Petrarca
  • Stop 12 Piazza Tasso
  • Stop 13 Porta San Frediano – Via Pisana
  • Stop 14 Via San Onofrio – Lungarno Soderini
  • Stop 15 Rotonda Barbetti – via il Prato
  • Stop 16 Fortezza – Piazza Bambini di Belsan
  • Stop 17 Piazza Indipendenza


Florence Fiesole Line - B (temporarily suspended)

Period: All year long

Duration: 120 minutes

Frequency: 60 minutes (according to the season)

First departure: 10:30am (November - March)

09:30 am (April- October) (times are subject to change)

Last departure: 2:30 pm (November - March) / 5:05 pm (March - April / September - November) / 5:30 pm (April - June) / 7:05 (June - September) (times are subject to change)

Commentary language: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian.


  • Stop 1 Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Stop 2 Ferrucci
  • Stop 3 Lungarno Serristori  Demidoff
  • Stop 4 Grazie
  • Stop 5 Zecca Vecchia
  • Stop 6 Lungo l’Africo
  • Stop 7 Righi (Ostello)
  • Stop 8 San Domenico
  • Stop 9 Regresso
  • Stop 10 Fiesole
  • Stop 11 Regresso
  • Stop 12 San Domenico
  • Stop 13 Righi (Ostello)
  • Stop 14 Stadio
  • Stop 15 Matteotti
  • Stop 16 Libertà
  • Stop 17 La Pira
  • Stop 18 Leopolda
  • Stop 19 Piazzale delle Cascine (suspended from November to March)
  • Stop 20 Shelly Cascine (suspended from November to March)
  • Stop 21 Vittorio Veneto
  • Stop 22 Curtatone
  • Stop 23 Soderini
  • Stop 24 Tasso
  • Stop 25 Porta Romana
  • Stop 26 Macchiavelli
  • Stop 27 Galileo

Cancellation Policy:

For cancellations once your reservation is confirmed, a 15% refund is possible until one business day before your visit. For cancellations less than 24 hours before your tour and no shows, the ticket price cannot be refunded.


Domestic Animals Policy on board City Sightseeing Italy buses

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring ferocious and/or venomous animals on board City Sightseeing buses.
  • Access to the bus is permitted for small and medium domestic animals only if they are inoffensive and respect the following rules:
  • Driver can deny access to the animal on the bus any time in case he believes that the animal might damage or compromise the security on the bus and for its passengers. In case the animal damages or compromises the security, it can be excluded also at a later moment, with no right to refund of the ticket, at the incontestable discretion of City Sightseeing staff.
  • Using muzzle and leash is mandatory, as alternative to the muzzle it is possible to use a pet carrier. Domestic animals with particular anatomical, physiological, and pathological conditions making it impossible for them to use a muzzle must travel inside a pet carrier. The holder must assure that the pet carrier is not in a poor state, that it does not contain food, that it is in excellent, clean condition, and that it cannot damage other people on the bus.
  • The holder must also assure that the animal doesn’t disturb or damage other passengers or the staff on the bus and that it doesn’t get the bus dirty, penalty will be the full reimbursement of the damage. The owner or the holder of the animal is liable for any damage caused by the animal according to the article 2051 cc.


Luggage Policy on board City Sightseeing Italy buses

  • For safety reasons it is strictly forbidden to bring luggage, large bags, big backpacks or bulky luggage on board the City Sightseeing buses.



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Before You Book

PLEASE NOTE: Immediately after submitting an order, you will receive two emails. The first email contains your order summary (this one you receive immediately after placing your order), the second email confirms your successful payment (one business day after placing the order). In order to receive these two emails, please make sure that you enter your email address correctly and check that antispam or antivirus filters do not block emails from our [email protected] address. Users of AOL, Comcast and need to pay special attention to this, please. Vouchers will also be available, one business day after the request, at your dashboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The time you select on the order form is your preferred time. The closest available time, which can be anytime during opening hours on the selected date, will be automatically confirmed if your preferred time is no longer available.

City Sightseeing Florence WEEKENDinITALY

See magnificent Florence from the top of a red open top double-decker bus. Surrounded by the Apennines mountain chain it lies in a fertile valley surrounded by the charming Tuscan vineyards and olive groves. The art galleries and museums of Florence are renowned throughout the world and holidaymakers flock to admire the superb David by Michelangelo, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, or the stunning Duomo with its marble facade.

Line A (Red Line) takes you to all the important places around Florence's city center on both sides of the Arno river, while Line B (Blue Line) also extends all the way to the scenic heights of Fiesole to the NE of the Florence city center. 

Your ticket is valid on both tour routes.


Line A (Red Line): Florence City

  • Stop 1 - Piazza Stazione FS Santa Maria Novella
  • Stop 2 - Piazza della Libertà
  • Stop 3 - Piazzale Donatello
  • Stop 4 - Piazza Beccaria
  • Stop 5 - Santa Croce
  • Stop 6 - Teatro Verdi
  • Stop 7 - Lungarno Pecori Giraldi
  • Stop 8 - Piazza Ferrucci
  • Stop 9 - Piazzale Michelangelo
  • Stop 10 - Piazzale Galileo
  • Stop 11 - Villa Cora
  • Stop 12 - Calza
  • Stop 13 - Pitti 
  • Stop 14 - Frescobaldi
  • Stop 15 - Guicciardini
  • Stop 16 - Ognissanti
  • Stop 17 - Santa Lucia


Line B (Blue Line): Florence – Fiesole

  • Stop 1 Michelangelo
  • Stop 2 Ferrucci
  • Stop 3 Lungarno Serristori Demidoff
  • Stop 4 Grazie
  • Stop 5 Zeccha Vecchia
  • Stop 6 Lungo l’Affrico
  • Stop 7 Righi (Hostel)
  • Stop 8 San Domenico
  • Stop 9 Regresso
  • Stop 10 Fiesole
  • Stop 11 Regresso
  • Stop 12 San Domenico
  • Stop 13 Righi (Hostel)
  • Stop 14 Stadio
  • Stop 15 Matteotti
  • Stop 16 Libertà
  • Stop 17 Dogana
  • Stop 18 Leopolda
  • Stop 19 Piazzale delle Cascine
  • Stop 20 Shelly Cascine
  • Stop 21 Vittorio Veneto
  • Stop 22 Curtatone
  • Stop 23 Soderini
  • Stop 24 Tasso
  • Stop 25 Porta Romana
  • Stop 26 Machiavelli
  • Stop 27 Galileo

Cancellation Policy

Once a confirmation code has been assigned to the reservation we can refund the cost of unused tickets minus a service fee (reservation fee and online booking fee) up to 3 business days before the visit. No refund is possible for a cancellation less than 24 hours before the visit, and for no-shows.

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