Italy offers some of the best and most varied museums and attractions in the world. Whether you love painting or ceramics, archaeology or cheese, race cars or marionettes - there is an Italian museum for you. Villas, palaces, and castles are what you want to see? - We have a vast selection waiting for you. Science museums, splendid churches and cathedrals, fun museums for children - at Weekend in Italy, you’ll find tickets to hundreds of sites, from North to South.

Italy’s attractions and monuments are countless – and Weekend in Italy offers access to the best and most important ones, as well as to the less frequented places of the Italian peninsula. We have tickets to churches and religious sites, to all kinds of museums (from the unmissable Uffizi in Florence to, for example, the Marionette Museum in Palermo). You’ll also find tickets to castles and palaces from all historical eras, and to archaeological sites throughout the peninsula. And much more! Make the most of your precious Italy vacation time, don't stand in line – book your entrance tickets ahead of time on instead.

Accademia Gallery Florence

Michelangelo's David and much more!

Buy your tickets to see Michelangelo's David, as well as works of the great Renaissance masters who made Florence the capital of art.

Bargello Museum

A castle full of treasures in the center of Florence

This former fortress and arsenal in Florence now holds a superb collection of sculpture, one of the most important in all of Italy.

Medici Chapels

The private funeral chapel of the Medici family contains Michelangelo's masterpieces and much more......

See Michelangelo's sculptures and architectural design of this special place - arguably his most complete work and testament to his worldview and artistic intention.

San Marco Museum

The largest collection of sacred art in Florence

The Museum of San Marco houses the largest collection of sacred art in Florence - and includes Fra Angelico's magnificent frescoes.

Basilica of Santa Croce

In a single Basilica many centuries of Italian history, the tombs and monuments of the most famous Italians in history.

One ticket includes the basilica, the cloisters, and the Museo dell'Opera - among Florence's most famous museums.

Brancacci Chapel + Salvatore Romano Foundation

Visit to the Brancacci Chapel accompanied by a multimedia video guide, an innovative tool that can make history turn back

Discover the Brancacci Chapel, seen by some to be the precursor of the Sixtine Chapel, as well as the Salvatore Romano collection of art.

Galileo Museum

A large collection of scientific equipment, starting with those of Galileo Galilei

See extraordinary pieces such as Galileo's telescope, historic world maps, globes, and machines that create optical illusions.

Stibbert Museum

A unique collection in the world, a perfect visit for the whole family, and a fascinating park

Discover the stunning private collection and home of the Italo-British gentleman Frederick Stibbert (1838-1906).

Villa Bardini

Built in 1641, positioned on a hill overlooking the Arno and Florence, Villa Bardini awaits the discerning Florence visitor.

Horne Museum

Above all though, you'll visit a private home, furnished with fine artworks from the 13th to the 17th centuries.

Le Navi Antiche di Pisa

Skip the line and explore the most beautiful Navi Antiche di Pisa hosted in the majestic rooms and aisles of the “Arsenali Medicei” (the Medicean Arsenals), along the Arno river.

Stefano Bardini Museum

The Stefano Bardini Museum, a civic museum dedicated to him, once his extremely refined shop, was donated by the antique dealer to the city of Florence in his will and today is an extraordinary treasure trove of masterpieces of all kinds

A private collection finally open to the public who knows how to choose


The same building has been a church and a warehouse for centuries in the historic center of Florence.

Orsanmichele complex halfway between the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio reopens after 400 days with new restoration and layout