Dan Brown's Inferno: The Tour


Following the great success of the book Inferno by Dan Brown - that is bringing the magic of Florence in the collective imagination, we are pleased to announce the upcoming event of the 2013 season.

All hope abandon, ye who enter in.
Here must all distrust be left behind;
all cowardice must be ended

                              Dante Alighieri

This tour will take you step-by-step to relive the adventures of Professor Robert Langdon in Florence, and, at the same time to walk through some of the most important places of our Renaissance city from the perspective of Dante's mysteries.

We are about to start the brand new Inferno Tour of Florence, based on Dan Brown's thrilling novel.

The tour is just like the book: exciting, full of suspense, rich of contents and nicely done. Together with our Expert guide and historian Mario we have made lots of researches to create a nice tour plenty of revelations that will make our guests very happy. It will be pretty scenic including a costume and some nice booklets that will guide participants through this fantastic history

Florence Inferno Tour will also give participants the opportunity to visit the Vasari Corridor (on the full day option): a very important stage for the novel!

Tour is available in English, everyday  (from Tuesday to Sunday for the full day tour) at 9:30 am, from July 1st, with guaranteed departures - even for a single person - up to the end of 2013 year.

Choose one of the options that better works for you:

HALF DAY TOUR: a three hours that includes the visit of the Baptistery, the Duomo and the Palazzo Vecchio.

FULL DAY TOUR: a six hours that includes the visit of the Baptistery, the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery and the Vasari Corridor.

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