Traces of Florence: Palazzo Vecchio tells Florence


  • Languagesâ??â??: Italian and English
  • Target: adults and families with children over 8 years old
  • Maximum number of participants: 10 people
  • Hours: Mondays and Thursday at 10:00
  • Duration: 45 minutes

Cancellation policy:
For cancellations once a confirmation code assigned, and for no shows, we can refund cost of unused tickets minus service fee (presale and online booking fees).

Traces of Florence: Palazzo Vecchio tells Florence

Let Palazzo Vecchio tell you the story of Florence! On this tour, you\'ll follow the architectural and urban developments of the city of Florence throughout the centuries, and learn to place them in their historical periods.

The ancient keys to the city doors will open to you the historic walls enclosing Florence. The monumental Veduta della Catena, reproduction of the first known perspective view of Florence around 1470, will allow you to explore the development of Florence during the Renaissance, while the engravings by Giuseppe Zocchi show Florence as it appeared in the 18th century. The paintings by Augusto Marrani bring the ancient historical center – demolished in the 19th century – back to life, and the plans by Giuseppe Poggi illustrate the dream of Florence as capital of Italy.

Join us for this imaginative and imaginary “journey through Florence” up to the 20th century and contemporary times!

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