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Wine Town is an International Event with the highest qualities of wines that uses innovative marketing strategies with the hope of becoming an annual event organized by the Wine Town Committee with guidance from the Italian Association of Sommeliers.

Wine Cards are prepaid cards that can be recharged at the cloisters and buildings shown on the map. The card allows visitors to taste selected wines from the prestigious wine producers present at the event.

The Gold WineCard costs € 30.00 and is pre-charged with 5 points. With purchase it is possible to have 1 glass and bag (1 point) and a number of tastings that varies depending on the chosen wine. Each tasting has a minimum cost of 1 point. The tastings will be served by an AIS sommelier, whose presence is offered by the Committee.

In addition, it allows access to the following services only during the event days:

* Entrance to City Museums:

1. Museo di Palazzo Vecchio
2. Museo Firenze com'era
3. Cappella Brancacci
4. Museo di Santa Maria Novella
5. Fondazione Stefano Romano
6. Museo Stefano Bardini
7. Collezioni del '900
8. Galleria Rinaldo Carnielo

* parking at Firenze Parcheggi

* use of ATAF bus and tram services

By showing the voucher and an identification document at the Wine Points clients will be able to pick up the precharged card, avoiding long lines and delays. Clients will be able to recharge the card again in the machines located at the designated historical locations used for tastings and the Wine Points.

Cancellations: it is possible to cancel up to 2 business days before the event. After that time refunds and cancellations cannot be honored.


WineCard Gold

You\'ve never seen Florence this way before!

WineTown Florence is an International fair with the highest qualities of wines that uses innovative marketing strategies with the hope of becoming an annual event organized by the Wine Town Committee with guidance from the Italian Association of Sommeliers (Associazione Italiana Sommelier – AIS).

Wine Town wants to be the new way to see things in the promotional world of quality wines. It brings together territory, culture and lifestyle. Three circles that form a wine glass in their center. The name Wine Town (The City of Wine) comes from the fact that Firenze is internationally known as one of the Nine World Capitals of Wine (together with Bilbao-Rioja, Bordeaux, Cape Town, Mainz, Mendoza, Porto, San Francisco-Napa Valley, Christchurch-South Island).

It is for those who love "Author wine", its knowledge, its story and its evolution. This includes wine stewards, professional buyers (B2B), lovers of wine and gourmets, connoisseurs, journalists, world travelers looking for the Italian art of living.

For four days, visitors can meet important wine producers and taste these excellent local products at a joyful festival of art, culture and entertainment. Scientific conventions with international speakers.

It will have 10 thematic paths, each one distinguished by a color and name of a vineyard, which will guide people towards the most interesting happenings. Many events will take place in the historic city center, making people itinerate from a square to another, totally avoiding the classic scheme of a "closed" event. Thursday, September 30, will be reserved for professional encounters and conventions while, on Sunday, October 3, the celebration and awarding of the most excellent wines and of the tourists that partecipated in the various games organized will take place. Friday, October 1 and Saturday, October 2, whatever space is necessary will be used to display at least 20 shows along the route.

The historic buildings, the cloisters, and the corners of the city will be renamed using wine names, creating a continuous chase of interesting events, encounters, experiments, workshops, exchanges, and much more.

Tastings will be offered to the visitors by the participating wine cellars by way of a pre-paid €10,00 WineCard and will allow them 5 tastings. This service is part of the committee\'s commercial offer.

Many important, prestigious, and famous guests will be invited as wine producers and lovers of wine tasting, from Florence and of its food and wine tradition. A few restaurants will be working with the wine cellars to organize themed dinner and professional encounters.

Piazza Pitti will be the international square where shows pertaining to the various Wine Capitals, their products, their wine, their territory and their personality will all take place during the event. The WineTown Firenze 2010 committee gives each Wine Capital the opportunity to organize their own little artistic event, such as a music concert or a theater performance at the discretion of the Wine Capital. In addition in each of these tents it is possible to set up small exhibitions which display paintings made by artists from the Wine Capitals, photographs, art work and other local crafts. The WineTown Firenze 2010 Committee also puts at the Wine Capitals disposal their own artistic team to help set up musical shows and theater events.

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