Guided Visit Rivalta Castle near Piacenza, Northern Italy

Since the Castle is privately owned, it can only be visited with a guided tour.


Castello di Rivalta
Gazzola, Piacenza

A fascinating history waits for you in the ancient Val Trebbia Castle. You will find majestic atmospheres, rich of vestiges and legends to discover. A magical space opens to you: here important moments come to life.

Opening dates and times:

The Castle, being a private structure and thus not available to individuals unaccompained, can be visited only in a guided visit. Castle is open as follows:

  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 11am and 3:30pm
  • Saturday: 11am, 2pm, 3:20pm, 4:40pm and 6pm
  • Sunday: 10:30am, 12noon, 2pm, 3:20pm, 4:40pm and 6pm

The visit lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

GUIDED VISITS: the service of a guide is available each 30 persons. Languages available ar Italian, English and German.

PURCHASE OT THE CATALOG: You can buy your copy of the catalog The Castle and the village of Rivalta by clicking here.

Reservations must be made at least 2 business days before the visit.

In compliance with the standards of good manners and respect for places - now a private residence - it is strictly forbidden to take photographs, hollering and touch objects during the visit.

Cancellation policy: it is possible to cancel at east 2 days before to receive the refund of cost of unused tickets, minus the service fee. Further cancellations and no shows are not refundable. Reservations for openings on request are not refundable.


There is a wide parking area next to the Borgon, and can host cars and buses.

How to get there:

Latitude, Longitude: 44.95005982960464, 9.590892791748047
44° 57´ 0.022" N 9° 35´ 27.214" E

Guided Visit Rivalta Castle near Piacenza, Northern Italy

The Rivalta Castle was one of the castles chosen by the director Cinzia Th. Torrini for her TV movie "The Charterhouse of Parma,” for the fact that this structure is not only a castle, but also an authentic medieval village.

The systematic restoration and enhancement of the complex (which ended in 1990 with the opening of the castle to guided tours) was made possible by its current owners, the counts Zanardi Landi (a branch of the Landi family that has resided in Rivalta since 1200). In fact, it was Count Filippo Zanardi Landi and his wife Francesca Vincenzina (Marquess Ardissone) who started the restoration process of the village during the 1960s, creating also two restaurants, the "Antica Locanda del Falco" and "La Rocchetta," a hotel ("Residence Torre di San Martino"), a bar ("Le cinque laterne"), characteristic apartments, a wine tasting bar in the ancient part of the village, the “Shop of the King of Cups" and other attractions. The entire structure is also available for weddings, conferences, and special events.

The originally medieval castle was rebuilt in 1450. The cylindrical tower built then by Pietro Antonio Solari, the designer of the Moscow Kremlin, is still original. The guided tour includes the main hall, the dining room, the kitchen with its large collection of copper items, the wine cellars, the prisons, the bedrooms, the museum area (with an arsenal containing three original Christian flags from the 1571 Battle of Lepanto), a billiard room, and a wax museum.

Just like any self-respecting castle, the Rivalta Castle has its ghosts, including the chef Giuseppe. An ancient legend tells about Giuseppe who was killed in the 18th century by the butler whose wife he had attempted to seduce. Chef Giuseppe is supposed to manifest himself turning on and off switches. In the 1980s, during a night when the castle was hosting Princess Margaret of England, Giuseppe enjoyed operating appliances and other equipment for over ten minutes!

At Easter, Halloween, New Years and during certain events, the Rivalta Castle organizes themed guided tours for children such as "Ghost Hunt" and "The Stolen Secret in the Haunted Mansion." Accompanied by their parents, children follow their guide (dressed in period costume) and discover tales, legends and friendly spirits...

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