Afternoon Excursion to Bergamo

A guided tour through the historical city center - medieval streets, fortified walls, traces of Venice's cultural and economic power.

Guided city tour of the old "Città Alta" with English/Italian speaking guide.

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Guided city tour of the old "Città Alta" with English/Italian speaking guide.

Available from April to October, in English, on Mondays.

Time: 2pm; duration: 5 hours.

Departure: Foro Bonaparte n. 76, at the corner with Via Cusani

Children under 4 years old free.

Departure with at least 4 people booked, maximum 50.


  • Transportation
  • Guide in indicated language

ATTENTION: tour includes entrances to places of worship: no shorts and sleeveless tops. Comfortable shoes advised.

Not included: tips and personal extras.

Cancellation policy: No penalties for bookings canceled at least 2 working days before date of tour. 100% penalty for cancellation within 2 working days, no-show or late arrival on departure.

Afternoon Excursion to Bergamo

Picturesque Bergamo lies some 25 miles to the north east of Milan, in the foothills of the Alps. Modern day Bergamo occupies the site of Bergomum, founded as a settlement of the Celtic tribe of the Cenomani. It became a Roman municipality in 49BC. Strategically positioned on the military road between the alpine and pre-alpine Friuli and Raetia regions, Bergamo was at one point even destroyed by Attila the Hun, in the 5th century.

Bergamo has two main parts of town – the modern center of town in the valley, the Città Bassa, and the historical city center on the hill, the Città Alta. The two parts of town are connected by a cable car.

On this tour you will discover the Città Alta – with its medieval streets and fortified walls, and the obvious traces of more than three centuries when Bergamo was part of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and an important ally to Venice's cultural and economic power. Palaces, churches, and public squares are the architectural testimonies of this period that lasted from the 15th into the 18th century. Among these is the group of buildings comprising the Dome, the Colleoni Chapel, and the Baptistery, along with the Piazza Vecchia (the old public square). While the Palazzo della Ragione bears the signs of Venetian influence, it was built in 1183, before the arrival of the Venetians.

Bergamo's colorful history includes the passage of the Celts, Goths, Romans, and Lombards, but the four centuries under the Venetian domination are the most significant. The Città Alta offers breathtaking views over the Alps and the Po Valley. A strip of lush vegetation connects the historical town with the hilly region extending westward. It includes the regional "Parco dei Colli" of Bergamo, as well as beautiful villas, farm houses, gardens, and woods.

2pm Departure from Milan, Zani Viaggi Travel Agency, Milan Visitor Center, Largo Cairoli, via Cusani Milan, M1 Cairoli
3pm Arrival in Bergamo and meeting with the tourist guide. Bus tour downtown (Città Bassa) and to the upper town (Città Alta). Walking tour of the medieval city center and free time.
6pm Departure for return trip
7pm Arrival at Milano, Zani Viaggi Travel Agency

NOTE: Times subject to organization and/or traffic

Cancellation Policy

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  • No refund is possible for a cancellation less than 48 hours before the visit, and for no-shows.

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