Personal Style Coaching in Milan

Make the most of who you are - trust an Italian fashion expert with your personal image!


Short but complete, this course will allow you to recognize which items and colors best enhance your body and your personality too, making you know the fundamental criteria to be taken into account in order to decide the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Available: Monday to Thursday at 9:30am, on request.

Languages: English or Italian.

One Day Fashion Experience Program:


  • Cultural Intro
  • Body Shapes
  • Colors
  • Fabrics


  • Personal Style
  • Your Body
  • Your Colors
  • Your Items
  • Break the Rules!

This Fashion Experience is directed to people over 18 years old.

Price Includes a Digital Downloadable Fashion Set (commercial value € 150.00).

Cancellation Policy

  • From time of reservation until 60 days before the course, a € 100.00 fee will be kept
  • From 59 to 45 days before the course, 75% of paid amount can be refunded
  • From 44 to 15 days before the course, 50% of paid amount can be refunded
  • From 14 to 8 days before the course, 20% of paid amount can be refunded
  • No refund is available for later cancellations and no shows

The Experience can be delated by the school for the following reasons:

  • Force majeure (earthquakes, typhoons, floods, unpredictable political or health situations declared by Farnesina, closing airports...): in this case, the organizer must return the amount paid by the customer.
  • Cancellation required by the contract: for example, if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case the school must return the amount paid by the customer.

Personal Style Coaching in Milan

With this brief one-day workshop you'll learn how to emphasize the strengths of your appearance, how to hide the weaknesses and how to choose "must have" items to enhance your body type and personality.

This coaching experience gives you a full immersion into the fashion world to know the history of the major fashion designers, study the color theories and understand your personal style.

During this full day Personal Style Coaching Experience you will learn which colors, patterns and fabrics are perfect for you according to your personality and lifestyle; furthermore, a professional teacher will give you all the necessary tools and notions to better know your body shape and proportions in order to identify your key assets.


One Day Fashion Experience Program - Programme Topics:

  • Body Shape - Face Shape
  • Colors in fashion
  • Your Personal Styling
  • Your colors
  • Identify which items fit your body
  • Your face, your accessories
  • Be Chic - Sense of Style - Ways to be Stylish
  • Breaking fashion rules
  • Fashion errors
  • Fashion culture
  • Style identification
  • Discovering fabrics
  • Discovering shoes - what kind of shoes to wear with...
  • Discovering hats


Final General Knowledge:
Style Overview
  • Learn about fashion trends and elements that characterize them,  especially basic themes of fashion styling such as color, silhouette, garment details and accessories in order to enhance and complement physical characteristics.
  • Analyzing Body Shapes & Physiques
  • Colour Analysis
Personal Style
  • Learn to analyze the different types of human faces and bodies, defining the correct accessories and color to wear according to personal features. Understand the process of fashion styling and develop your creative abilities.
  • The shape of your face
  • Colours and accessories for all shapes

Style definition - Style Identification

  • Understand how to recognize and define a particular style, analyzing all the elements that compose it.
  • Identify and recognize fashion items
General Fashion Culture
  • Fashion history, recognizing fabrics, general sense of fashion

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