Palazzo Vecchio: Palazzo dei Priori

Animated visit with interactive theatrical sketches

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  • Languages: Italian, English and French
  • Target: for everyone from 8 years and over ; specially for families
  • Length: an hour and a half
  • Maximum number of participants: 25 people
  • When: Monday
  • Timetable: 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Palazzo dei Priori

Projected and realized by Arnolfo di Cambio to host the Priori of Arts and the Gonfaloniere of Justice - so, the major government body of the city -, the building, shining, covered by stones, an upper footbridge and a 95 meters high tower, it was initiated at the end of 13th century and completed in 1315.

In the second half of 16th Century, the inside of the palace was totally modified by wish of Cosimo I de' Medici, that established here the seat of the Ducal Court. Today, Palazzo Vecchio shows two faces: it is the Palazzo dei Priori in the facade of Piazza della Signoria, and it is the Ducal Residence of Cosimo I inside. Nevertheless, signs and traces of the medieval past are still visible today, between the splendor of the 16th Century decorations, while a rich iconographic multimedial support helps us to investigate how life was during the 16th Century.

This is represented by a Priore of the Arts, in a dramatic moment of the city, during one of the terrible floods caused by the Arno river, the famous 1333 Flood.

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