Collection and Transfer of your Personal Data

Privacy protection of personal data in relation to online transactions (Legislative Decree Number 196 of June 30, 2003, Italian Code for the Protection of Personal Data).

  • 1.In order to deliver our product shopping service, we will ask for personal data required for the supply and management of the contractual relationship with Weekend a Firenze Srl. In addition to the required data, we will also ask you for optional data, which will enable us to provide you with additional offers and services totally free of charge to you.
  • 2. The supply of your data will be followed by drawing up of a distance sales contract with Weekend a Firenze Srl (authorized for this activity), which will assume all responsibilities (collection, billing, shipping, right to withdraw, etc.) according to the Italian Legislative Decree 185/1999. Please note that the transaction will occur on the server with SSL encryption for secure transmission, and that verification of your credit card will be through a bank payment, which will validate the payment and record the card code, without the latter ever reaching the server of Weekend a Firenze Srl.
  • 3. Your personal data will be processed for the purpose for which they are collected, and within the limits of operations practical for such purposes. Your data will be recorded, stored in electronic databases, selected and used with electronic and computerized instruments and in a lawful and proper manner and in compliance with the rules of confidentiality and transparency of data and safety measures laid down in the Italian Legislative Decree 196 / 2003.
  • 4. Weekend a Firenze Srl is also authorized to process the data transmitted and collected for the following purposes: - Collection of data and information in general and in particular in regard to your interests and/or preferences - Sending of commercial information and offers, including that of third parties - Sending of advertising and informative material, including coupons, voucher offers and newsletters - Execution of marketing communications, including interactive ones - Sale to third parties of data collected for commercial purposes for the sale or attempted sale, or for the purposes of commercial and/or statistical nature - Sending commercial communications related to its products and services - Communication of information to companies that perform functions closely related to operation of the service - Transferring data to companies affiliated with Weekend a Firenze Srl
  • 5. We inform you that you have the possibility at any time to request the modification or cancellation of your data, and exercise all rights under article 7 of the Italian Code for the Protection of Personal Data by sending an email to our address: [email protected].
  • 6. Data controller of personal data in relation to the operations of online transactions is Weekend a Firenze Srl (Via Pistoiese 132, 59100 Prato, Italy. Telephone: +39-0574-38074, Fax +39-0574-401744, E-mail [email protected]), who will be overseeing the operations of the processing of your personal data, instrumental and/or incidental to the services of shopping, and against which you can exercise your rights under article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. It is possible that the terms and conditions of data treatment are updated as a result of technological innovations and/or legislative changes on the matter.
Terms and Conditions - accepted also pursuant article 1341 of the Italian Civil Code
Terms and Conditions - Sale of Product
  • A commission – indicated at the time of order – is added to the price of each ticket purchased online from Weekend a Firenze Srl. (Fees for temporary exhibitions are added when required).
  • The commission for the booking and the charges for temporary exhibitions are payable for all types of tickets including those for which admission is free.
    Once the charge on your credit card has been confirmed (by the bank, as the information of the credit card will under NO circumstances be transmitted to Weekend a Firenze Srl), a copy of the request to purchase the selected product will be automatically sent to the email indicated. At the same time, the physical address included in the purchase form will be provided to the entity in charge of shipping the goods. It is therefore essential to check that you have entered the correct address, as any erroneously addressed shipments may not be attributed to Weekend a Firenze Srl and shall not entitle to any refund.
    The shipment (by Weekend a Firenze Srl or directly from the manufacturer, depending on the type of goods and agreements between Weekend a Firenze Srl and the manufacturer/Producer) is put into processing as soon as confirmation of the payment and completion of the order are received. Unless otherwise specified, the cost of shipping is paid by the buyer, to the extent specified on the website. The delivery time is expected to be within approximately 10 days from the order and payment date. This time frame should, however, be considered as merely indicative as unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure and/or reasons not caused by Weekend a Firenze Srl may cause delays. In case of non-delivery of the product within 10 days from the date indicated, the buyer is invited to send an email to Weekend a Firenze Srl, which will undertake the necessary inquiries. Non-delivery after the deadline of two months from the order date will entitle the purchaser to a new delivery of the product at no additional cost. In any case, no compensation will be payable in case of delivery delay.
    Buyer has the right to cancel the order only as long as the goods have not been sent. In this case you will be charged only the costs of the order to the extent of 10% of the total price, which will be billed as compensation for the cancellation. Once the goods have already been shipped, cancellation is not permitted, except as provided by the rules governing the ability to subsequently withdraw, for reasons and within limits of the current Italian laws.
    Any faults or defects in the product must be reported and documented no later than eight days from delivery with registered mail to Weekend a Firenze Srl, and notified of by email in advance. The alert will be immediately sent to the producer (whose data will also be transmitted to the buyer), so that the producer may eliminate the defect or replace the product within the terms of the law, without altering the provisions in the Consumer Protection (Italian Legislative Decree 206 /05), where applicable.
    Weekend a Firenze Srl is liable to the customer only upon payment of the amount due in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable laws in points 1, 2, and 3. In this regard, Weekend a Firenze Srl cannot however be liable for any indirect or special damage to the goods, their responsibility being limited to the refund of the cost of the reservation, with the exclusion of any other item of damage and/or refund. Any other disruptions or damage to persons or property, especially if they occurred at the time of actual booked visit, are not the responsibility of Weekend a Firenze Srl and will in no case be charged to Weekend a Firenze Srl and contested.
    Any claim by the customer must also be made in writing via email within 3 days from the date of the visit and confirmed by registered mail within 30 days of the visit. Beyond this period, no claim can be considered.
    In principle, the law applicable will be that in force in Italy, except in cases where the contract to be considered was concluded at the residence of the purchaser. Any dispute will be settled exclusively by the Court of Florence.
Terms and Conditions - Sale of Services
    Once the charge on the card has been confirmed, a copy of the reservation will be sent automatically to the e-mail address. As soon as the service is confirmed, the original voucher will be sent to the e-mail address in the booking form, it is therefore important to check the correct email address has been entered in the booking form.

    The receipt of the copy of the order immediately after the order has been placed does NOT constitute the final order confirmation. Bookings are subject to availability.

    The service may be deemed confirmed ONLY upon receipt of the confirmation voucher, generally (indicatively and not exclusively) one business day after the order (Monday for orders received on Friday and during the weekend), with the exception of services on the waiting list and museums that give advance confirmation of the visit within an established timeframe. The customer is obliged to check the conditions of confirmation for the individual service before making the reservation.

    Admission to the booked museum is granted upon presentation of the confirmation voucher at the museum's reservations desk. For tours and excursions, the confirmation voucher must be presented to staff at the indicated tour meeting point at the appointed time. Customers without the confirmation voucher will NOT be permitted admission to museums or granted participation in the tours.

    Please note that it may be required to show proof of identity at the museum, especially if reduced price tickets have been booked.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Confirmed time is not always the same time as the time requested on the order form. The museum or attraction will automatically confirm the closest available time, which can be any time during opening hours on the selected date, if the preferred time is no longer available.

    If access to the museum is sold out on the requested date and there are alternative dates, the customer will be contacted by e-mail to request his/her availability. However, if no alternative date is available, the order will be canceled and the payment for the booking reimbursed.

    During periods of major crowding, admission to museums and monuments may be delayed despite the reservation. Weekend a Firenze Srl cannot be held accountable or responsible for any such disruptions (the occurrence of which is very rare), as they are a result of the internal organization of the museum booked. Weekend a Firenze Srl is not responsible for any changes or cancellations effected by the management of the museums for the programs offered. Similarly, Weekend a Firenze Srl cannot be held responsible for cancellations or changes of booked tours for reasons of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, changes in the opening or closing schedules of museums and monuments, delays, or other issues). In these cases, the customer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the ticket only, excluding the booking fee. Weekend a Firenze Srl is not responsible for damage caused by third parties or for reasons beyond its control, and is not responsible for the loss of valuables, luggage, and other items during the excursions and visits. Weekend a Firenze Srl is not responsible for any kind of lack of service that could occur during the use of the confirmed reservation.
    Generally, museum reservations, once confirmed, may be canceled, and the customer will receive reimbursement of the cost of the unused ticket, excluding booking fees. Nevertheless, all excursions and some museums have specific cancellation policies. The customer is therefore obliged to check the cancellation policy in the description of each service before making a reservation, as cancellation may be excluded, resulting in the impossibility of reimbursement even of the mere cost of the ticket.
    With regard to paragraph 3, according to established Italian and European standards of consumer protection, the right to cancel is excluded as services provided are within the definition of 'leisure activities' (article 59 letter a – n L.206/2005 and later changes, included in the European Directive 83/2011/EU). The cost of the reservation is therefore never refundable, whilst the refund of the cost of unused services is bound by the guidelines and cancellation policy adopted by the service provider itself, for which Weekend a Firenze Srl has no power to change.
  • 5. RESPONSIBILITY: Limitations and Exclusions
    The liability of Weekend a Firenze Srl to the customer limits itself to the generation and transmission of the web voucher, according to the terms and conditions set out above in points 1, 2, and 3, and only upon payment of the amount due. However, even in relation to that hypothesis, Weekend a Firenze Srl cannot be liable for any indirect or special damage, their liability being limited to reimburse the cost of the reservation, with the exclusion of any other claim of damage and/or refund. Any other disruption or damage to persons or property, especially if occurring at the time of the actual booked visit, are not the responsibility of Weekend a Firenze Srl and can in no instance be charged to Weekend a Firenze Srl or questioned.
    Any claim by the customer must be made in writing via email within 3 days of the completion of the booked visit and confirmed with a letter sent by certified mail within 30 days from that same date. Beyond this time frame no complaints will be taken into account.
    Any dispute will be settled exclusively by the Court of Florence.