Arkimedeion Museum: The Science and Technology of Archimedes

Arkimedeion Museum: The Science and Technology of Archimedes

Discover Archimedes' machines, his contributions to mathematics, geometry, static, and hydrostatic physics. There is even a planetarium!

Discover the genius of Archimedes!

Step into the intriguing universe of one of the greatest scientists of all times – Archimedes of Syracuse. The Arkimedeion is a science and technology museum dedicated to the great Greek mathematician and physicist who lived in Syracuse between 287 and 212 BC.

Archimedes was much more than “just” a brilliant mathematician. He was also one of the foremost pioneers of classical antiquity in other areas – as an astronomer, physicist, engineer and inventor. As you visit the circuit of 24 original interactive exhibits of the museum, you'll gain a hands-on experience of Archimedes' genius, while the media tools will support your understanding of his great discoveries in mathematics and physics.


Museo Arkimedeion

Piazza Archimede 11 – Palazzo Pupillo

96100 – Siracusa (SR)

Phone: +39 0931 61121 or +39 392 9481692

[email protected]

Opening Hours:

The Museum is open every day of the year.

Winter opening hours: from 10:30am to 7:30pm (last entrance at 7:00pm)

Summer opening hours: from 10:30am to 7:00pm (last entrance at 6:30pm)

Guided Visits

Guided visits in Italian or English available for groups. Guided visits must be reserved at least 7 days before the tour, and need to be scheduled to begin before 3:30pm.

Reservations must be submitted at least 1 business day before the visit for single visitors, at least 7 days before for groups of over 20 people.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation possible until 3 days before the visit in order to receive a refund of the cost of tickets, minus service fee. Further cancellations and no shows are not refundable.

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Welcome to the Arkimedeion Museum!

The various scientific topics addressed by Archimedes, as well as inventions attributed to him by the legends that have surrounded his figure in later centuries are illustrated with 24 original interactive exhibits that capture the interest of young and old visitors. One of these inventions is for example the famous “Archimedes heat ray,” in which mirrors were pointed at specific angles to set fire to the Roman ships besieging Syracuse.

Each exhibit is accompanied by media tools that invite you into an understanding of the great mathematical discoveries (measurements of surfaces and volumes, squaring the circle, calculating the center of gravity of the body) and demonstrations of physics principles (the principle of the lever, floating bodies).

The explanations are often stimulating simulations, accompanied by historical notes and information on Archimedes work, anecdotes, bibliography – guiding you through the historical period in which Archimedes lived and the heart of his great discoveries.

The various topics discussed are grouped according to three main topics: machines for war and peace, mathematics and geometry, static and hydrostatic physics. A planetarium completes the Arkimedeion Museum.

Full Price: adults and groups from 1 to 9 people

Reduced Price #1: children from 6 to 14 years of age, families with at least 4 members, groups of over 10 people

Reduced Price #2: groups with over 20 persons in guided visit

Free Tickets: children under 6 years of age

Guided Visit:

Guide: € 45.00 + booking service fee per group

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