Looking for the best way to enjoy the famous Siena Palio dell'Assunta? We are e">

Dress Rehearsal Dinner Palio 2012


Looking for the best way to enjoy the famous Siena Palio dell'Assunta? We are excited to give you the opportunity to book Early on Sales one of our new 2012 Palio di Siena packages.

Dinner the night before the Palio dell'Assunta (August 15) at one of the seventeen Contrade (wards or districts) - events that include traditional songs, speeches, and well wishes for the events ahead. Option to acquire the silk kerchief imprinted with the coat of arms of the Contrada -- the kerchief is traditionally worn by every contradaiolo as identification.

Space is extremely limited, so book now for your guaranteed priority access to tickets.

Cancellation policy:
100% penalty from the confirmation. In case of total cancellation, tickets will be put back on sale; if they get sold, we will refund the cost of the canceled tickets.

Attention: we have availability for the following Palio tours too:

  • A day at the Palio: Guided Tour, Palio from the Grand Stand, Dinner. This package includes a guided visit (3 hours) of Siena, followed by witnessing the Palio race from the grandstand and dinner on the Piazza del Campo. For a small additional charge it is also possible to witness the race (standing or with a seat) from a balcony alla Mossa (at the start of the race) or at the Casato corner of the Piazza, with included buffet.
  • Grand Tour of the Palio: a combination of the two preceding packages. Participate in the Dress Rehearsal on the eve of the race, guided tour on the morning of August 16, witnessing the Palio from the grandstand, dinner in the Piazza del Campo. Here, too, it is possible to add the balcony & buffet option.

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