Mask-Making Mini Course

Mask-Making Mini Course

Make your own mask – your own professionally finished and unique souvenir from Venice!

Create your own precious Venice souvenir!

Take a journey into the history and fascination of Venice. No object represents Venice quite as strongly as the mask. Give yourself the gift of an experience that puts you in touch with the enormous wealth of historic facts, anecdotes, customs, and practices associated with it – learn how to make and decorate the traditional Venetian carnival papier-mâché masks.

  • Time required: 1.5 hours for the production and 1.5 hours for the decoration, including the theoretical part. For technical reasons it is better to leave two days between one session and the other, though if necessary one day can suffice.
  • Each participant will create one mask and decorate it together with a second one he/she may choose from the numerous unpainted models from our collection.
  • Languages available: English, French, and Italian. Upon request also in German, Spanish, and Russian.
  • Workshop also available on public holidays and after dinner.
  • No dangerous materials or tools are used.
  • The workshop is lead by crafts personnel with long term teaching experience.

Each participant, even those with no experience of manual work, will create a genuinely well-finished mask of which he or she can be proud, a gratifying reminder of their stay in Venice.

At the end of the work each participant can take their own mask home.

Cancellation Policy:

  • There will be no penalty for cancellations up to eight (8) weeks prior to the booked workshop date.
  • For cancellations from 55 to 22 days before the visit
, we will issue a 75% refund.
  • For cancellations from 21 to 15 days before the visit
, we will issue a 50% refund.
  • For cancellations from 14 to 8 days before the visit
, we will issue a 25% refund.
  • No refund is possible for later cancellations and no shows.

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Venice is the only city in the world where the mask became an object of common, general, everyday use for most of the year. Before, during and after Carnival, life in Venice could be conducted incognito and was extremely free and adventurous. There is an enormous wealth of historic facts, anecdotes, customs and practices associated with the mask, which rarely reaches the unsuspecting tourist.

Get to know the fascinating world of the Venetian mask, and learn some of the hidden meanings of this unusual object. The practical activity of creating your own mask is preceded by a short theoretical explanation, tailored to your group's unique need.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for learning at least some of the more fascinating aspects of how people lived in Venice in days gone by in a hands-on practical experience sure to stay with you long after you return home.

Creation Session:
Each participant is given a plaster mould of the most traditional and significant Venetian mask, the Volto. Your work consists of filling this mould with several layers of a special absorbent paper, which must be previously dampened and spread with glue.

At the end of the work session, the mould is set aside to dry. This process requires some hours, which is why the decoration session cannot take place on the same day.

Once the mould has dried, the edges and eyes of the rough mask must be cut. We do this part of the operation before the next session so that participants are not required to use sharp tools.

Decoration Session
During this session you will paint the mask you made, plus another one of your choice, which you'll choose among numerous unpainted models from our collection. The options include antique mask shapes from the Carnival, from Venetian daily life and the theater (Commedia dell'Arte), as well as modern, imaginative models.

The theoretical explanation allows everyone to understand the meaning of each mask, making the choice itself more gratifying. Each participant may also choose from seven different practical work possibilities – two coloring techniques suggested by us that are typical of traditional masks or, for those wishing to freely express their creativity, imaginative decoration with five different finishing techniques.

At the end of the work session, you will be able to take your mask home – your own professionally finished and unique souvenir from Venice.

Price per person: € 165.00

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