Itinerary 2 Venetian Bragozzo Sailboat: Southern Lagoon

The perfect way to experience the spirit of the landscape of the Venice lagoon!


Collective tour, departing on Tuesday and Friday at 6:30 pm, from Fondamente Nove (Venice center, less than 10 minutes away from Piazza San Marco), lasting 2 hours.

From 2 to 57 persons.

Itinerary 1: Arsenale Basin, Lido, Isola di S.Lazzaro degli Armeni, Isola di S.Servolo, S.Giorgio Maggiore e
San Marco Basin, where it's offered a cup of prosecco wine.

Tour does not use sail.

For tours with less than 4 people, it will be used a "sampierotta" a smaller ship.

Collective tour in Bragozzo boat: itinerary 2

Step aboard the Bragozzo - a boat that has sailed the merchant routes in the northern Adriatic Sea for centuries and is part of the history of Venice - and explore some of the quieter islands of the Venetian lagoon. The perfect way to experience the spirit of this unique landscape!

Your boating tour begins with a look at the fascinating architecture and structure of the Arsenale, which was the largest industrial complex in Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution. During the 12th century Venetian boat builders could construct a warship here in as little as a day!
Your Bragozzo will then head out into the waters of the lagoon and towards the island of the Lido – famous for its beaches, grand hotels, and movie stars. The Venice Film Festival takes place here in late August/early September. Malamocco, for a long time the only settlement on the island, was at one point home of the Doge of Venice.

As you pass the Lido, you will also pass the Isola di San Lazzaro degli Armeni, home to one of the world\'s foremost centers of Armenian culture and research. The Mekhitarist order still lives in the monastery, which houses an extraordinary collection of treasures, particularly in its 15,000 volume library.

Your boat will then turn back towards the inner lagoon, where the Isola di San Servolo lies, at only a few hundred feet distance from San Lazzaro. The island was home to a Benedictine monastery for almost five hundred years. Later, the Republic of Venice transformed it into a military hospital, the structure was then  used as an institution for the mentally ill from the late 1800\'s. In 1978, the psychiatric institute was closed following government reforms. The island has since become a center for research and the seat of the Venice International University. Noteworthy is the islands varied flora, originally planted for the monastery\'s medicinal gardens.

As a final island, your boat will reach San Giorgio Maggiore, which forms the focal point of view from the Piazzetta san Marco as well as from the Riva degli Schiavoni. San Giorgio was also a benedictine monastery long before the architect Andrea Palladio was commissioned with designing a new church for the complex in 1565. The construction is a basilica in the classical Renaissance style. Its gleaming facade catches the light beautifully, and views from the bell tower are breathtaking. The cloisters are now the headquarters for the Cini Foundation arts center, and the vast gardens host the summer theater venue of the Teatro Verde.

Your outing concludes in the San Marco Basin, where you will be offered a glass of Prosecco wine surrounded by the magical beauty of Venice.

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