Video Guide Tablet for Palazzo Vecchio

Video Guide Tablet for Palazzo Vecchio

Deepen your experience of Palazzo Vecchio – and let the video guide be your companion for this visit.

Florence's Palazzo Vecchio comes to life!

The video guide is a modern 7-inch tablet complete with headset. Tablet rental time is 2 hours, so the time of booking of the tablet will be calculated based on the time of booking of the selected combination. The tablet contains an explanation of the Monumental Quarters without the Bianca Cappello Room. Video guide tablet can be picked up at the Info Point of the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio.

Tablet characteristics:

  • Interactive Map of the Palace
  • 60 minutes of video contents available in 6 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian).
  • 3D reconstructions (including the Salone dei Cinquecento, the Green Room and The Room of Maps)
  • Photo Gallery: 60 zoomable pictures in high resolution

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Switch on your video guide tablet, and step into the Palazzo Vecchio on December 16, 1565, where a marvelous spectacle is unfolding before your eyes. Mix freely with hundreds of noble princes and gentlewomen coming from many different places – Germany, Austria, Tuscany – and watch an entertaining play, the comedy “La Cofanaria”, accompanied by music. Sitting before the stage you'll see the prince, Francesco I de’ Medici, with his new bride, Giovanna d’Austria, while you take a seat together with all the nobles present. Twelve large lamps light up the room. The grand room is rendered even more sumptuous by the presence of representatives from all over Tuscany, the reign of the Medici.

Your video guided tour is itself a story, interlaced with quotations, the ancient music alternating with evocative sound effects, while HD images are accompanied by virtual reconstructions recreating the historical ambiance.

The first video concentrates on the Salone dei Cinquecento (the Hall of the Five Hundred), the heart of the palace, depicting its various phases of construction, later interventions, and its protagonists.

You'll easily imagine Savonarola inciting those responsible to build the austere Sala del Maggior Consiglio (Hall of the Great Council). You'll have the illusion of watching Leonardo and Michelangelo at work. Experience the greatness of Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici’s political reign and legacy. You'll have the sensation of taking part directly in the Grand-Duke’s entertainment and celebrations. Witness the great story of Florence come alive again before your eyes!

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