Casa Buonarroti

The genius of Michelangelo, the not often seen rich collections of his family - on display at the family home.


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Not only do the well-known masterworks by Michelangelo kept in the Casa Buonarroti come from the family patrimony; the same is also true of paintings, sculptures, majolicas and the archaeological sections arranged on the museum's two floors.

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Casa Buonarroti

The Casa Buonarroti is both museum and monument – a place of memory and celebration of the genius of Michelangelo. The Casa Buonarroti is also a sumptuous Baroque edifice displaying the rich art collection of the family. Among the treasures this most unusual among all Florentine museums offers are two of Michelangelo\'s famous marble reliefs: the Madonna of the Stairs and the Battle of the Centaurs, both considered to be masterworks of his youth.

As you pass through the portal of the lovely seventeenth century palazzo at Via Ghibellina 70 in Florence, you will discover how Michelangelo\'s masterpieces are embedded in the long history of the Buonarroti family.

The Buonarroti dedicated themselves to enlarging and embellish the dwelling, all the while preserving the precious cultural heritage and assembling an exquisite art collection. Aside from the important Archive and Library, the Buonarroti created spaces to conserve the family patrimony of paintings, sculptures, majolicas and archaeological collections - all of which are arranged on the museum\'s two floors.

The documentation and exhibits about Michelangelo have been enriched by gifts added to the family inheritance and by pieces on loan from Florentine museums.

It was Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger, exceptional man of letters and cultural promoter, who, in 1612, conceived of the idea to create a magnificent building in honor of the Buonarroti family honor. He engaged renowned artists of the time to refurbish and decorate the palazzo in celebration of his illustrious ancestors. Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger achieved his dream within a thirty-year time span.

The Casa Buonarroti has remained unchanged through three centuries of change with moments of decline alternating with moments of rebirth. It is the same now as it was then, a model residence among the many now lost in Florence, one that exudes a secret fascination bound up with the family history.

Another noteworthy aspect of this unique museum are the changing exhibitions on topics related to the cultural, artistic and historic significance of the Casa Buonarroti, as well as of Michelangelo and his times. These exhibitions have for many years earned international fame both for the preciousness of loans and the validity and originality of the issues addressed.


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