Pitti Palace: Palatine Gallery, Modern Art Gallery, Fashion and Costume Museum, Grand Dukes' Treasure

Visit the grand residence of the Medici and its unique art collections.


The ticket includes:

  • Palatina Gallery with royal appartments, Modern Art Gallery, Fashion & Costume Museum, and the Grand Duke's Treasure
Discover the important art collections in the gorgeous Palazzo Pitti without waiting in line! This is your opportunity to see magnificent works of art in what used to be the grand-ducal and royal apartments. The ticket includes: Palatina Gallery with royal appartments, Modern Art Gallery, Fashion & Costume Museum, and the Grand Duke's Treasure

Closure: Museum of Fashion and Costume

Attention: the Museum of Fashion and Costume of Pitti Palace will be partially open from Tuesday November 13 to Sunday November 18, 2018 (only the first corridor halls 1-6 will remain visible), and it will close completely from Monday November 19, 2018 to January 7, 2019.

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Palatina Gallery Video Tablet Guides Rental Service

The video tablet guide combines the completeness of a catalog with the freshness of a digital product. Graphic reconstructions of the walls allow you to click on all the works exhibited, making navigation through the complex and rich Palatina Gallery so much more enjoyable and effective.

Text, audio, and images cast you into a world in which a universe of context unfolds out of each work of art. Click on any one of the masterpieces at the Gallery, and a valuable and fundamental in-depth analysis to place the work and its creator in historical context will appear on your screen. The quality of the texts and the information is certified by the Superintendent of the Polo Museale Fiorentino.

Your video tablet guide is an indispensable tool to make the most of your visit of the gallery, to satisfy your curiosity about the more than nine hundred paintings on display, to read the biographies of the great artists whose works are on display at the museum, to know more about the latest studies in the field, and to discover the history of the most important rooms of the palace.

  • Video guides are available in English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish.
  • Video guides have an approximate duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes, and contains an explanation of about 50 works per museum.
  • You will receive a confirmation voucher (valid only for the video guide) together with the confirmation voucher of your visit to the museum.
  • In order to pick the video guide up, please deposit this voucher at the Reservations Desk, along with a valid identity document (only originals are accepted: passport, identity card, or driver's license).

In case of loss or failure to return the device, the visitor will be required to pay the cost of the audio guide (€ 250.00 per each audio guide).

Opening hours

Entry to Palazzo Pitti is available every 15 minutes!

Pitti Palace: Palatine Gallery, Modern Art Gallery, Fashion and Costume Museum, Grand Dukes' Treasure

Located on the south side of the Arno, only minutes from the Ponte Vecchio, the vast, mainly Renaissance Pitti Palace was the residence of the Medici. The powerful Florentine family had bought it from a rich banker named Luca Pitti in 1549 and transformed it into the main residence for Grand-Duchy of Tuscany. The Medici added to the core building and transformed the Palazzo into a veritable treasure chest. Later, the palace was home to other rulers - the Lorraine family, and then finally the King of Italy when Florence was capital of Italy. Nowadays, the palace's collections and museums are fully open to the public. The palace's gardens, the Boboli, are one of the most beloved gardens in Florence, and offer vast green spaces, landscaped to perfection, as well as stunning views of Florence. Museum of the Grand Ducal Treasure The Museum of the Grand Ducal Treasure or Silver Museum occupies twenty-five rooms of the left wing of Palazzo Pitti, chosen in 1861 as the location for the display. The core of the collection was originally preserved in Palazzo Medici in Via Larga (now Via Cavour), where Cosimo the Elder had started a rich collection of precious objects in the 15th century. His son Piero and his grandson Lorenzo the Magnificent later added to this collection. Some of the most valuable objects are the vases that belonged to Lorenzo, which are considered extremely precious both historically and artistically. The present arrangement of the museum focuses both on different aspects of the grand ducal collection and on the beauty of the rooms chosen to display it in. A secret stairway leads to the first floor, the heart of the treasure of the Museum: the Rooms of the Cameos and of the Jewels which belonged to Anna Maria Luisa, the last Medici (early 18th century), who purchased precious jewels in all of Europe. The two following rooms contain the famous Treasure of Salzburg, which was brought to Florence by Ferdinand III of Lorraine, after his return from exile following the brief Napoleonic period. The Silver Museum also includes the Oriental Room, and Chinese and Japanese chinaware. On the ground floor you'll also find the precious collection of ambers and the Room of the Crystals and Semi-precious stones. Noteworthy is the great room frescoed by Giovanni da San Giovanni (1592-1636) and his assistants on the occasion of the marriage of Ferdinando II de' Medici and Vittoria della Rovere (1634), where sumptuous mythological allegories and references highlight the many aspects of the cultural and political life of the Medici under Lorenzo the Magnificent.

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