A Day with Michelangelo

On this private walking tour through Florence youâ??ll discover some of the most important works by Michelangelo.


Private guided walking tour

Duration: 7 hours

Tour starts at 9 am

Meeting point: from your hotel in Florence downtown if close at tour sites. Alternatively meet the guide at 9am directly at the Bargello Museum (Via del Proconsolo, 4)

Private party of maximum 15 people

Available in English and Italian

Price includes: guide, entrances (Accademia Gallery, Medici Chapels, Bargello Museum, Casa Buonarroti, Santa Croce Church and the Combo Ticket Great Museum Cathedral of Florence)

Price DOES NOT include food, drink, and tips.

Itinerary (times to be confirmed according to availability at the moment of the order):
Bargello Museum (Baccus, Tondo Pitti and Brutus) - 9:15
Museo Opera del Duomo - 10:30
Accademia Gallery (statue of David) - 12:00
Medici Chapels - 13:00
Casa Buonnaroti (drawings, youth works, portraits) - 14:00
Santa croce church (tomb of Michelangelo) - 15:00

Comfortable shoes advised, clothing adequate for visiting churches.

It is an intense tour, not suitable for children, very elderly persons and people with major physical problems.

Please notice that, because of the richness of the visits o this tour, there is no time for a complete lunch at restaurant, you are advise to eat a sandwich.

Cancellation policy:

total refund in case of cancellation up to 8 weeks prior the date visit
75% refund from 55 to 22 days before the visit
50% refund from 21 to 15 days before the visit
25% from 14 to 8 days before the visit
No refund is possible for later cancellations and no shows

In case of bad weather we can try to change the schedule of the tour/services to adjust it to the weather; it is not always possible, but we always do our best.

A Day with Michelangelo

Considered one of the greatest artists of all time, Michelangelo Buonarroti is intimately connected to Florence, where he was raised and spent many years of his long and prosperous life.

Florence is the proud home of many important works by Michelangelo, some of them among mankind's greatest artistic treasures.

Join us for this walking tour and discover some of the most beautiful sculptures, paintings, drawings, and architecture created by this master of the Renaissance.

Your itinerary begins with the 
Accademia Gallery, where you will see the marble statue of David made by Michelangelo between 1501 and 1504 - when he was still in is 20’s. Also on view at the Accademia are some of Michelangelo's partly unfinished works, including the Slaves.

Your next stop will be at the Basilica of 
San Lorenzo with its lively square and picturesque market, and the church designed in part by Michelangelo. The Medici family commissioned him to reconstruct the façade of the church and to adorn it with sculptures, which were never completed due to the family’s financial problems.

Many years later, Michelangelo was commissioned to create a series of sculptures for the Medici's funeral chapels. The Medici Chapels form a part of the complex of the San Lorenzo church. Here you will see the sculptures Michelangelo made to adorn the tombs of the Medici family: Day, Night, Dusk, and Dawn.

Your third stop will be the Museo dell' Opera del Duomo, home of the treasures of the cathedral of Florence. Here, you will see the Florentine Pietà and Michelangelo’s self portrait, which he created in Rome in 1550.

After a brief lunch break, your tour will continue to the Bargello Museum. Here you will have the opportunity to discover some of Michelangelo's earlier works, such as the Bacchus, his first fully completed sculpture at age 22 – one of his very few works with secular subject.

The Bargello Museum is also home to the unfinished Tondo Pitti bas-relief representing Mary with the Jesus child and Saint John. The Brutus bust is also on view here. It is in all likelihood the only bust Michelangelo ever created, and Vasari saw in it a portrait of Lorenzino de' Medici.

Your grand tour of the genius of Michelangelo continues at his family home, the Casa Buonarroti. The Casa Buonarroti is also a sumptuous Baroque edifice displaying the rich art collection of the family. Among the treasures this most unusual among all Florentine museums offers are two of Michelangelo's famous marble reliefs: the Madonna of the Stairs and the Battle of the Centaurs, both considered to be masterworks of his youth. The model of the San Lorenzo church is also on view here.

Your final stop is the Basilica of 
Santa Croce, one of the most beautiful churches of Florence and the largest Franciscan church in the world. The Basilica of Santa Croce is also known as the Temple of the Italian Glories as it is the final resting place of so many great personalities. Though Michelangelo died in Rome three weeks before his 89th birthday, his body was brought to Florence according to his wishes. The great master is buried here, alongside many other important artists, writers, and scientists.

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