Highline Galleria Milan - The Terraces above Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Highline Galleria Milan - The Terraces above Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Enjoy a full experience of the glass-vaulted Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - not only the oldest shopping mall of Milan, but the true “drawing room” of the Milanese.

Welcome to the rooftops of Milan!

Visit Milan from the rooftops of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, after nearly 150 years since its opening! The newly opened rooftop walkway is an unusual and evocative path allowing you to see Milan from a new perspective: from the historical heart of town with La Scala Opera House and the Cathedral, to the Castle, and the new skyscrapers of Porta Nuova. The panorama is breathtaking, and cafes, restaurants and lounges allow you to extend your experience in the most pleasant of ways, with delicious food and drink. Enjoy!


Included in your ticket is a reservation for one of the restaurants located in the Galleria: Ristorante Pavarotti, Enoteca Duomo 21, Pizzeria I 12 Gatti and Duomo 21 Terrace Restaurant & Lounge, and a welcome drink.


Opening Hours:

  • Mondays: from 10:00am to 2:00pm, and from 7:00pm to 11:00pm
  • Tuesdays to Sundays: from 10:00am to 2:00pm, and from 3:00pm to 11:00pm


Visitor Regulations:

  • Visitors are not allowed to stay in the Highline Galleria for a period of time longer than the one indicated by site staff
  • Appropriate attire required
  • There are no luggage/bag storage rooms or lockers
  • It is mandatory to pay due attention inside the Highline Galleria and comply with notices as well as the Code of Conduct shown at the entrance. Operator may not be held liable for the consequences of visitors' careless or negligent behaviour.
  • Do not disturb the peace and/or safety of other visitors.
  • It is not advisable to access the Highline Galleria with heeled shoes and/or shoes that may hamper walking, since there are very narrow, steep sections and perforated catwalks.
  • It is severely prohibited to access the Highline Galleria with bare feet.
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (a person of at least 18 years of age), who must hold their hand during the visit to the Highline Galleria.
  • Access with prams and pushchairs is not allowed. The walkway is physically challenging as there are steep connection staircases and very narrow passages.
  • In case of severe disabilities, visitors can access the Highline Galleria only if accompanied.


The following activities are absolutely forbidden:

  • Engaging in any behaviour that may cause a hazard and/or jeopardise the safety of the visitor or others.
  • Engaging in any behaviour that constitutes a breach of public order and/or decency according to the judgement of Seven Stars Galleria Italia Srl, including, for instance: smoking, gambling, collecting money in an unauthorised way, carrying out promotional activities both as an individual and as a group, organising political, sports or recreational activities, sunbathing, wearing masks
  • Engaging in selling of goods by unauthorised subjects or in unauthorised places, unauthorised sale of tickets
  • Engaging in unauthorised transmission and/or recording of data, for commercial purposes, using cellular telephones or other devices (video cameras, cameras, recorders, etc.)
  • The access of unauthorised reporters and journalists with recording devices, video cameras and/or cameras
  • Attempts to access reserved areas
  • Requesting money or other goods without authorisation (for instance: beggars, musicians or singers at the entrance of or inside the Highline Galleria)
  • Touching and damaging the catwalks and archaeological structures. You are reminded that the Law requires penalties for damages to works of art.


It is not allowed to introduce, among others:

  • Any kind of food or beverage
  • Guns, firearms, explosive devices, explosive material, fireworks, smoke candles, torches, toy weapons, reproduction and imitation weapons that could be mistaken for real ones, compressed-air or carbon dioxide weapons such as guns, pellet weapons, carabines and ball guns, flare guns and starter guns, bows, crossbows and arrows, harpoon throwers and spear guns, slings and catapults; neutralising devices such as stun rifles, taser guns and electric-shock batons, devices for stunning and killing animals; chemical, gas and spray substances capable of debilitating of paralysing effects, such as pepper spray, tear gas, acids and animal repellents; cutting devices such as axes, swords, sabres, hatchets and cleavers, ice axes and ice picks, razor blades, Stanley knives, knives, scissors, pencil sharpeners; objects with a sharp end such as compasses, martial arts equipment with a sharp point or a sharp edge; helmets of any type, even if hand-held, adjustable photo sticks, laser pointers, balloons, musical instruments (drums, trumpets, musical instruments of any kind) loudspeakers and other PA systems or amplifiers, narcotics, poisons, noxious substances, flammable material, paint or other staining material, food and drink of any kind.
  • Animals, including small ones.
  • Banners, signs, horizontal banners, flags, documents, drawings, printed or written material, signs and symbols containing propaganda for political, ideological or religious doctrines.


Cancellation Policy: Tickets are non-refundable.

Events such as adverse weather conditions, security concerns, and public order reasons or other organisational or technical factors that are not attributable to the Organization may force the latter to change opening hours, access methods (including ascent and descent), visit duration or any events planned at the Highline Galleria. Organization may not be held liable for any of the aforementioned occurrences.

Bookings may be subject to cancellation due to the celebration of services or other extraordinary and organisational reasons of the Organization. Any such change shall be notified as soon as feasible by service personnel via e-mail.


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The Galleria Highline, the new promenade overlooking the crystal roof of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in the heart of Milan, offers a completely new perspective on Milan's true “living room” and the city skyline. Discover a side of Milan’s famous monument and icon of the city previously unknown not only to visitors but also to the Milanese.

Enjoy the splendid panorama over the historic buildings of the center, the Duomo and the Scala, the Velasca Tower as well as over Porta Nuova skyscrapers - from a height of 40 meters/131 feet. Looking down you have a close look at the beautiful stained glass windows of the gallery and the dome above the Octagon.

Opened in May 2015, 150 years after the opening of the gallery, it is an aerial walkway placed about 3 feet above the original one, which was once used for the maintenance of the glass roof of the Galleria. The new Highline is twice as wide and equipped with protection on the sides to allow safe passage, even with children. The walkway is 250 meters / 820 feet long and covers a surface of 550 square meters (close to 660 square yards), and has a series of terraces to stop and enjoy the rooftop spectacle, to treat yourself to a selfie and to read the history of the gallery on the panels placed all around. Here, you have the option to download interactive videos about the development of Milan to your smartphone.

The glass and cast iron Galleria Vittorio Emanuele was built during the Belle Époque, and is a monument that inspired the Eiffel Tower in 1889 and the Crystal Palace in London in 1851.

The legendary colony of black cats that lives on this rooftop is behind the name of the Pizzeria-Grill I 12 Gatti. The Highline walkways ends at the terrace of this restaurant - why not enjoy a delicious wood - fired oven pizza here? Alternatively, the gallery also offers the terrace space Duomo 21 (on the first floor), a restaurant & lounge bar with spectacular views of the Cathedral Square, and Enoteca Duomo 21 (second floor) with over 7,000 wine labels from all over Italy. The jewel of the crown is the restaurant Pavarotti, dedicated to one of the greatest masters of Italian opera and renowned gourmet lover of the cuisine of Emilia Romagna, his birth region. In this museum-restaurant, you can discover more about the life of the famous tenor, as well as products of the Emilia Romagna gastronomy. The restaurant contains Pavarotti memorabilia, such as a black tuxedo, scarves, and photographs of some concerts in the most famous theaters in the world.

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Reduced Price Tickets:

  • young people under 25 years of age
  • groups with over 15 participants


Free Admission: children up to 5 years of age

WARNING: Admission to booked site or service will be denied without presenting the voucher or the ticket. Presenting a copy of the order form does by not give you the right to be admitted. No exceptions can be made to this rule.
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