Micromondo Geology Theme Park

The park is a one-of-a-kind place designed to be easily accessible to every type of visitor


Il Micromondo, Parco Tematico sulla Geologia
Via D. Di Lascio, 13 - Loc. Lago Sirino - 85040 Nemoli (Pz)

Il Micromondo, the first theme park about geology in the Basilicata region, was created to be an incentive for disclosure of Earth Sciences and a more conscious perception of the landscape and dynamics that have generated it. It is a one of its kind, designed to be easily accessible to every type of visitor. Il Micromondo is a fun and original way to spread culture through the use of three-dimensional models, made â??â??entirely by hand, that reproduce the main geological processes that drive the genesis and evolution of planet Earth.

Opening dates and times:

From March to July, and on September and October: Sundays from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm
August: from Friday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and from 3:30pm to 7:30pm

Closed: from November to February (opening only upon request for school groups and groups over 10 people)

Reservations must be submitted at least 3 business days before the visit.

How to get there:

  • SA-RC motorway

From North: Exit Lagonegro Nord, proceed along the bottom valley of Noce river to the junction of Lagonegro, continue for 8 km to the Lake Sirino (SS 19)
From South: Exit at Lauria Nord, continue to Lauria, at Pecorone turn towards Lagonegro and continue for 8 km

  • S.S. 653 Sinnica

Coming from the Ionian coast, at the end of the main road proceed towards Lauria, at Pecorone turn towards Lagonegro and continue for 8 km

Micromondo Geology Theme Park

Il Micromondo, the first geology theme park in the Basilicata region, is the brainchild of geologists Patrizia Magnotti and Dario Rizzo, who wanted to bring Earth Sciences and a more conscious perception of the landscape and the dynamics that generated it to the public. Il Micromondo is a one-of-a-kind place structured so as to be easily accessible not only to specialists, but also to students of all levels or just those curious to learn scientific concepts in an original and immediate way. The property is located on the shores of Lake Sirino (City of Nemoli), on the slopes of Sirino mountain.
Il Micromondo is a fun and original way to experience the genesis and evolution of our planet through the three-dimensional miniatures, which were handmade by a local artist. You'll learn about orogeny (how mountains come about), volcanism, karst, earthquakes, and everything that characterizes the natural landscape. Most of the miniatures are animated to allow the visitor a dynamic perception of the forces that regulate and govern geological processes.
In order to create a connection between the virtual world of the 3D models and the real world, you'll see a large collection of minerals, fossils, and rock samples.
At Il Micromondo, you'll also support and experience an innovative form of tourism – “geotourism,” based on creating a strong connection between areas and their geological, scenic, historic, and cultural heritage. In this context, the theme park offers a series of hiking and environmental trails to be enjoyed in the nearby Valle del Noce. Routes can be traced with the help of other professionals in environmental studies (Forestry, Agronomy, Naturalists), by cavers and lovers of historical and archaeological heritage.

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