Val d’Orcia Knights: Bike Tour, Cooking Class, Banquet

Feel like a knight as you ride through picturesque Tuscany, prepare a special Tuscan meal, and celebrate with a delicious banquet.

This “Val d’Orcia Knights” experience is inspired by historic events from the year 1400. Ride your bike through the picturesque Valdorcia in Tuscany, learn how to prepare a special Tuscan dish, and celebrate with a delicious banquet.


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This “Val d’Orcia Knights VIP Experience” tour is inspired by historic events from the year 1400. Your guide is Michele, economist, elementary school teacher, and bike tour guide. Feel like a knight as you ride your bike through the picturesque Valdorcia in Tuscany. Back home at your guide Michele’s place, you’ll learn how to prepare a special Tuscan dish. Celebrate the victorious return of the knights with a delicious banquet.

Perfect for: families and individuals, bike riding lovers, nature fans, people interested in legends and appreciators of good Tuscan cooking. This tour suits people at a medium level of bike riding fitness. Please note that you will need to bring your own bike and camera.


Meeting Place: San Quirico d'Orcia - 46 km (29 miles) south of Siena - Tuscany

How we move: by bicycle

Time: 08.30 am - 3.30 pm

Duration: 7h


Please note:

Children under 14 years must be accompained by an adult during at all times

If you have allergies or intolerances, please inform us in advance

Participants will use their own bicycles and cameras


Price includes:

The price of the experience includes all tour assistance by Michele from Artés and the guided bicycle trip through Valdorcia, insurance, cooking lesson, banquet and final participation award.

NOT included:

  • Anything not specifically included above
  • Participants will use their own bicycles and cameras


> Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance.

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Val d’Orcia Knights: Bike Tour, Cooking Class, Banquet | Weekend in Italy

This tour is inspired by historic events from the year 1400 AC, when Ghino di Tacco, the sanguinary robber, held the area hostage and barred all food supplies from reaching the village. People were starving, so the Lord of the land charged brave knights to get the food back and save their people. Some valorous knights rode through Valdorcia territories, along secret paths to escape from Ghino's vigilance...  and brought all that was needed to feed the hungry.

With this fun day-long experience, you can be one of the knights who contribute to feed the village and free it from the terrible robber Ghino di Tacco!

Michele, Lord of the village, will accompany you in your discovery of the picturesque Valdorcia, riding alongside your “wheeled horse.“ Thanks to a local culinary expert, you’ll learn how to cook a traditional, ancient recipe of his enchanting lands. And finally, the group feasts together, raising their wine glasses merrily, as special guests in Michele‘s home to celebrate the victory of the valorous knights.



  • In front of the dwelling of His Lordship Signore Michele, the participants will be named "Knights of the Quest"
  • The cavalry, equipped with a camera, will ride its own "cycling horses" through the most panoramic parts of the Valdorcia, gathering images of the fruits of the earth needed to feed the hungry population
  • Total route of about 28 km (17 miles) and 700 meters (2300’) of altitude, for the approximate duration of 2h 30m
  • Back at the house of His Lordship, you will learn how to cook a typical Tuscan recipe
  • The success of the company will be celebrated with a great banquet at the dwelling of Signore Michele
  • At the end of the banquet, you’ll receive the Lord's thanks and a prize for the courage shown
  • Photos and videos are shared on Artés social networks, where you can share further knightly adventures!


Cancellation Policy

Up to 30 days before the booked visit, 60% refund From 29 to 20 days before, 50% refund From 19 to 14 days before, 40% refund From 13 to 5 days before, 15% refund For cancellations less than 5 days before the booked visit and for no-shows, no refund will be granted.

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