Leonardo da Vinci Museum

An interactive exhbition, highly suited for school groups and families.


The new permanent museum hosts the largest and most beautiful machines taken from Leonardo da Vinci's codes. They were build starting from the careful study of Leonardo's drawings, creating machines which work to a perfection that has never before been achieved. The machines which were exceptional in interpretation, size, beauty and construction systems are: the flying machines, the hydraulic saw, the column raiser, printing machine etc.

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Leonardo\'s Museum

The new permanent Leonardo Museum is located in the Via dei Servi 66/68r in Florence. The Via dei Servi connects the Piazza Duomo with the Piazza SS. Annunziata.

Working from Leonardo da Vinci\'s drawings, highly skilled craftsmen have recreated machines which work to perfection. Don\'t miss Leonardo\'s exceptional imagination at work - the size, beauty, and construction systems of his inventions: the flying machines, the hydraulic saw, the column raiser, the printing machine, and many other creations!

The exhibition is interactive and highly suited for school groups.

Leonardo\'s military tank is on display at the museum. It is the largest in existence (5.30 m x 3 m) and weighs 2 tons. And yet, despite its size, four people positioned at the control levers can easily move it.

Flying Machine

The Flying Machine combines projects that appear in two different Leonardo plans: one of them relates to a kind of bat wing shape, the other to a flying machine powered by human force, similar to a bicycle.

The intricate wing construction is the result of a combination of applied technology and highly skilled artisan work. Each element of Leonardo\'s drawing is represented and precisely executed.

Taking the central part of the structure into consideration, the wing span is approximately 5 meters, the height is 1.20 meters. Different kinds of wood (beech, lime, and cherry) have been used depending on their characteristic resistance, elasticity, or appearance. The craftsmen used coal fire and steam to create the curvature of the wood.

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