Museum of the Twentieth Century (Museo del Novecento)

Discover works of Modigliani, De Chirico, Sironi, Fontana, and many other Italian artists of the 20th century.


Museo del Novecento
Palazzo dell'Arengario - Via Marconi, 1, 20122 Milano

The 20th Century Museum, hosted in Palazzo dell'Arengario, displays about 400 works selected from nearly 4000 dedicated to Italian art of the 20th Century from the Civic Art Collections of Milan. The museum was founded with the aim of spreading the knowledge of the art of the 20th century. On display there are paintings from different periods of art, from Futurism to Metaphysics, by the Group Form 1 to Trans-avant-garde, groups from Milan, Rome and Turin, and the Poor Art. You can admire works by Pellizza Volpedo, Boccioni, Modigliani, De Chirico, Sironi, Fontana and many others. Among the special items, a work by Fontana created in 1956: an entire ceiling made for the Hotel del Golfo in Procchio, Elba Island.

Museum of the Twentieth Century (Museo del Novecento)

The Museum of the Twentieth Century (Museo del Novecento), which opened in December 2010, was created to offer the public a space that would be the permanent home to Milan's rich collections of Italian painting and sculpture of the twentieth century.

The collection of the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan was started in 1903 by significant donations from citizens who left their art collections to the Civic Museums. The collection was first located in the Sala della Balla of the Sforzesco Castle. It was in 1921 that the works were moved to the Villa Reale on Via Palestro, a property that the royal family had transferred to the city the year before.

The Pavilion of Contemporary Art, designed by Ignazio Gardella, was inaugurated in 1954. The structure, despite its state-of-the-art features, soon proved to be more suited to hosting temporary exhibitions than housing the long-anticipated Museum of Contemporary Art. It was only during the projection period for the future CIMAC (Civic Museum of Contemporary Art) that an interest in having a permanent home for the collection began to develop. The CIMAC opened in a temporary location on the second floor of the Royal Palace in 1984. The museum was closed in 1998 due to a Palace restoration project.

The museum's collection was organized by the Scientific Committee, which at that time was composed of Claudio Salsi (director of the Museum Sector), Marina Pugliese (project director), Lucia Matino (former director of the Civic Art Collections), Piergiovanni Castagnoli (former director of the Gallery of Modern Art in Turin), Flavio Fergonzi and Antonello Negri (faculty of history of contemporary art at the University of Udine and the University of Milan respectively), and Vicente Todolì (former director of the Tate Modern in London).

The exhibition and chronological sequence of the works selected for the Museo del Novecento (Museum of the Twentieth Century) and its great civic art collections begins with its strengths: Futurism, the Twentieth Century, Spatialism, Arte Povera, and outstanding artistic personalities such as Boccioni, Carrà, Soffici, de Chirico, Sironi, Martini, Morandi, Fontana, Manzoni, Kounellis and many others. More famous names include Picasso, Mondrian, and Kandinsky.

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