Bourbon Gallery Tour

... was originally created as an underground viaduct to allow rapid troop movements as well as transport of water and supplies.

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The Bourbon Gallery is open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Guided visits with double guide at 10:00, 12:00, 15:30 and 17:30.

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Language: Italian and English.

The gallery has two different entrances/exits that can be chosen indifferently, one of which allows entrance to to persons with disabilities too. Guided tours depart at the same time for both entrances:

° Entrance 1: vico del Grottone, 4, 150 meters away from Piazza del Plebiscito; up from behind the church on the square, follow Via San Gennario Serra, and 100 meters after, at the second street to the left, you will find Vico del Grotto. This access has a suggestive 18th Century stairway with 90 steps.

° Entrance 2: via Domenico Morelli, 40, inside the pedestrian entrance of the parking Morelli, from which one can access Via Piana

Visit can be reserved up to 7 days before.

Facilities for the visitors:

- wide ambients, well lightened and easy walking
- 7 toilettes and a snacks and drinks machine
- access from Via Morelli parking that allows easy park to cars and entrance for disabled, who can also make 60% of the visit on the wheelchair
- stop for tourist buses close to both entrances; the first one just 10 minutes walking away, from the parking of Naples port; the other one, just 150 meters away from Piazza Vittoria, Villa Comunale and Naples promenade
- guided trail with double guide for a better group assistance during all the visit

Cancellation Policy:
For cancellations once a confirmation code has been assigned to the reservation, and for no shows, we can refund cost of unused tickets minus service fee (reservation fee and online booking fee).

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The Bourbon Gallery

Explore the underground of Naples' Mount Echia, the “city beneath the city.” The Bourbon Gallery has finally been opened to visitors, 150 years after the original project of King Ferdinand II of Bourbon and his architect Errico Alvino in 1853 was begun.

The gallery was originally created as an underground viaduct to allow rapid troop movements as well as transport of water and supplies from the Royal Palace to Via Morelli.

For political and economical reasons, work on the gallery stopped around the unification of Italy (1861).

During WWII, the gallery and connected underground structures were used as shelters during German and allied bombardments.

The tour starts from Vico del Grottone, where you will descend through an 18th century stair case to reach the old Carmignano aqueduct tanks(1627-1629). These were transformed into shelters during WWII.

The gallery is 530 meters long and exits at Via Morelli, which offers wheelchair-access (and excellent parking).

The Bourbon Gallery's recent opening to the public adds a prime example of Bourbon civil architecture to the already impressive list of tunnels, caves and quarries of "the city beneath the city."

Cancellation Policy

Once a confirmation code has been assigned to your reservation, we can refund the cost of unused tickets, also for no-shows, minus a service fee (reservation fee and online booking fee).

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