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Casa Buonarroti

Visit the Casa Buonarroti - both place of memory and celebration of the genius of Michelangelo, as well as a sumptuous Baroque edifice displaying the rich art collection of the family. Among the treasures this most unusual among all Florentine ... - Read more

From € 1.50

Leonardo's Museum

  See Leonardo's visionary engineering genius at work: visit the new permanent Leonardo Museum which hosts the largest and most beautiful machines built from Leonardo da Vinci's codes. Working from Leonardo's drawings, highly ... - Read more

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Physics Cabinet of the Museum for Science and Technology Florence (FirST)

Quench your science thirst - discover the largest and most comprehensive collection of Italian 19th century equipment for the study and teaching of physics! ... - Read more

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Galileo Museum

Discover the new Galileo Museum, dedicated to science and the famous Pisan scientist Galileo Galilei. See extraordinary pieces such as Galileo’s telescope, historic world maps and globes, and a series of surprising divertissements such as ... - Read more

Villa Bardini

Visit Villa Bardini – built in 1641, and splendidly positioned on a hill overlooking the Arno river and Florence. Discover the art and impulse of the famous Italian fashion designer at the Roberto Capucci Museum. The Pietro Annigoni Museum ... - Read more

Horne Museum

Visit a Florentine Renaissance home and the collection of the British art historian Herbert Percy Horne in the palace once owned by the English poet, architect, typographer and designer, art historian and antiquarian. ... - Read more

Stibbert Museum

Visit the Frederick Stibbert Museum's collection, gathered by the Anglo-Italian in the desire to document all the areas in which changes in taste and production techniques stimulated the creation of art objects. ... - Read more