Tuscan Dinners at Your Location

We'll organize it all for you and bring the ingredients and wines - all you have to do is provide the kitchen!

Bring our chefs home with you and offer your family and friends a fantastic evening with traditional Tuscan dishes and the best Tuscan wines.

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We'll organize it all for you and bring the ingredients and wines, all you have to do is provide the kitchen. We'll get there at 5.00 p.m., prepare the menu chosen by you. If you want you can watch us and take notes of our recipes.

For dinners for up to 12 people the chef himself will help you in the service at table, at around 8.00 p.m., or for larger numbers, there’ll be an additional waiter. Both will tell you about the origins and key features of the dishes and wines. After cooking we’ll clear up and tidy up the kitchen.

Within 10 kilometers from our Florence and Lucca seats, the price includes: one of our chefs for up to 12 people and a chef plus waiter for larger numbers, all the ingredients for the dinner, wines for adults and fruit juices for children, preparation of the meal and clearing up afterward, washing of kitchen utensils.

During your dinner we serve good quality Tuscan wines, included in the price. If you want some special bottles, you can choose from our special wine list., with relative prices.

A supplement is required for locations more then 10 Km far from Florence or Lucca.

The apparel and style of our chef and waiting staff will be informal. Please contact us by email for elegant dinners; we can also provide you with everything you need: tables, chairs, linen tablecloths, silver cutlery, crystal glass etc. Prices and programs in this case will need to be agreed.

Tuscan dinners at your location

Offer your family and friends a fantastic evening with traditional Tuscan dishes and the best Tuscan wines. Bring our chefs home with you – and together we\'ll create memories no one will forget!

Choose the menu, provide us with a kitchen – and relax! We\'ll organize it all for you, and bring the ingredients and wines. We\'ll get there at 5:00pm and prepare the menu chosen by you to be ready for about 8:00pm. If you want, you can watch us and learn our recipes and methods.

We\'ll be serving quality wines for adults, such as Chianti Montalbano by Fattoria Castellina or Chianti Colli Fiorentini by Fattoria I Mori. Children will be served fruit juice, with a ¼ bottle per person included in the price. Those wishing to accompany the dinner with different wines can choose from our wine list, which also indicates the price per bottle.

Choose one of our menus below, or suggest your own dishes and create your personalized menu with us!


  • Pappa al pomodoro or Panzanella (Tuscan bread & tomato soup, or the Florentine salad of bread and tomatoes popular in the summer – depending on the season)
  • Tagliata di pollo all’aceto balsamico (chicken with balsamic vinegar)
  • Seasonal vegetable side dish
  • Panna Cotta with sauce

Red wine: Chianti Selvapiana, Rufina


  • Preparation of different kinds of pasta, cutting by hand and with a machine (spaghetti, taglierini, fettuccine, tagliatelle, etc.)
  • Three typical Tuscan sauces: carrettiera, mushroom sauce*, and pesto

Red wine: Chianti Colli Fiorentini Lanciola Impruneta


  • Mezzelune con ricotta e spinaci (half-moon shaped pasta with spinach and ricotta)
  • Pollo alla cacciatora (chicken hunter\'s style)
  • Cantuccini di Prato (traditional Tuscan cookies with almonds or chocolate)

Red wine: Sangiovese Lagone Livorno


  • Pesciolino finto (tuna & potato salad shaped like a fish)
  • Risotto nero alla fiorentina (Florentine “black” risotto with cuttlefish)
  • Calamari in zimino (Squid with Swiss chard)
  • Lemon Cake

White wine: Vernaccia di San Gimignano Casale Falchini


  • Cavolo con le fette (a Tuscan winter classic: toasted garlic bread with kale)
  • Gnocchi al ragù (Gnocchi with meat sauce)
  • Arista (Florentine pork loin)

Red wine: Morellino Le Pupille Scansano


  • Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes
  • Gnocchi con ragù di verdure (hand made pasta with a sauce of seasonal vegetables)
  • Involtini di verdure (Vegetables rolls)
  • Pineapple Tiramisù

Red wine: Barco Reale Ambra Carmignano

* Subject to seasonal availability

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