Private Guided Tour of Classical Rome

Our itinerary includes Caracalla Baths, Maxentius' Circus and Cecilia Metella's Tomb


  • Throughout the tour, you will be guided by an expert in History or Art history, Archeology or Architecture, who will help you to discoverour Rome.
  • You can choose the language you prefer...we have 5 different languages available!
  • Tour departs from Caracalla Baths' cashier.
  • It is a 3 hours long tour with a private guide
  • Tour is available from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00, each hour
  • Tour must be reserved with 2 weeks in advance

Classical Rome

The impressive, red brick ruins of the Baths of Caracalla are located south of the ancient center of the city. The building was begun by Emperor Septimius Severus in 206 AD and completed by his son, Caracalla, in 217 AD. It is the largest thermal establishment and indeed the largest single structure that survives from antiquity. The baths represent some of the Romans' best achievements in the way of architecture and engineering.

The Villa and Circus of Maxentius, now an extensive complex of ruins, was built in 309 AD by emperor Maxentius. It included a palace, a circus and a mausoleum, which Maxentius built in honor of his son Romulus, who died at a very young age in 309 AD.

Work on the circus began in the 4th century and the grounds were continually enhanced until 549 AD, when the last of the chariot races were held. The circus, a private property of the Emperor, was approximately 558 yards long and 90 yards wide.

One of the most important Roman monuments and the best-known landmark along the Via Appia is the massive drum-shaped tomb built for the noblewoman Cecilia Metella. It was built around 50 BC for the daughter of Metellus (conqueror of Crete) and wife of Crassus (one of Caesar's generals).

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