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Florence's attractions are countless – and Weekend in Italy offers access to the best and most important museums and monuments, as well as to the less frequented places of this magical Renaissance city. Make the most of your precious Florence Italy vacation time – choose among

Florence, Italy's attractions

and purchase your tickets in advance. Don't stand in line – enjoy Florence instead!

The Uffizi Gallery, Italy's most visited museum
Michelangelo's David and the Accademia Gallery
The entry to all the sites of the Great Museum of the Cathedral of Florence – the Monumental Complex of Santa Maria del Fiore
The Secret Passages at Palazzo Vecchio
The Pitti Palace ticket with the Palatina Gallery, the Royal Apartments and the Modern Art Gallery
The Cumulative Ticket to access the Silver Museum, the Porcelain Museum, and the Costume Gallery, all three located in the sumptuous Palazzo Pitti, as well as the attached Boboli Garden and the close-by Bardini Garden
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Casa Buonarroti, a place of memory and celebration of the genius of Michelangelo
The Basilica of Santa Croce
The Horne Museum, the Stibbert Museum, Villa Bardini, Temporary Exhibitions...

Weekend in Italy offers the best of Florence Italy attractions, museums, and monuments - book your tickets now with us!

Uffizi Tickets Reservation

Don't wait until you are in Florence. Make your Uffizi Museum ticket reservation now and you will be sure to avoid long lines, saving you valuable time! You can buy your Uffizi tickets directly online through our easy to use booking system. Want ... - Read more

From € 9.99

The Accademia Gallery & Michelangelo's David

Purchase your Accademia Gallery tickets with Weekend in Italy! Located in the heart of Florence, the Accademia Gallery hosts examples of paintings and sculptures by the great 14th and 15th century masters who made Florence the capital of art. The ... - Read more

From € 9.99

Combo Uffizi Gallery plus Accademia Gallery

Purchase your Combo Ticket for the two must-see Museums of Florence . Now you can buy your Combo Ticket for the Uffizi plus Accademia Gallery Florence online through our easy system. Purchase your tickets online and you will have fast access to ... - Read more

From € 18.97

Leaning Tower of Pisa Tickets

Book your tickets to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the most famous monuments and symbol of Italy all over the world. Construction on the Romanesque style tower dates back to 1174. The mysterious inclination and continuous movement of the terrain ... - Read more

From € 4.07

Combo Ticket Great Museum Cathedral of Florence

Discover the treasures of the Cathedral of Florence at one of the most important church museums in Italy. Marvel at the Dome of the Cathedral of Florence, masterpiece of architecture by Filippo Brunelleschi. Climb Giotto's Bell Tower, considered ... - Read more

From € 3.00

Palazzo Vecchio Secret Passages Tickets

Let your imagination take flight and experience the past as if it were the present – book your Secret Passages of the Palazzo Vecchio Tour tickets with Weekend in Italy! The Secret Passages Tour takes you into places within Florence's ... - Read more

From € 5.29

Medici Chapels

Experience Michelangelo's final gift to Florence: the Medici Chapels with the masterfully sculpted allegories of Night, Day, Dawn, and Dusk decorating the tombs of the princes. The Medici Chapels were built as a personal sepulcher of the Medici ... - Read more

From € 7.00

Boboli Gardens and Silver Museum

Visit the glorious treasures of the Pitti Palace, residence of the Medici, the Lorraine, the Savoy, and even the king of Italy when Florence was the capital of the newly united Italy. The palace's gardens, the Boboli, are one of the most beloved ... - Read more

From € 6.67

Bargello Museum

The Bargello palace was built in 1255 by the people of Florence as a symbol of their victory over the nobility, and was the site for the people's government and jurisdiction. The former fortress and arsenal now holds a superb collection of ... - Read more

From € 7.50

Stibbert Museum

Visit the Frederick Stibbert Museum's collection, gathered by the Anglo-Italian in the desire to document all the areas in which changes in taste and production techniques stimulated the creation of art objects. ... - Read more

From € 1.50