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Palazzo Vecchio Tickets - firenze

Invitation to Cosimo's Court

Visit the Quartieri Monumentali (Monumental Apartments), which highlight the character of the palace created by Cosimo. Then, you will be “granted audience” with either Duke Cosimo or Duchess Eleonora at the Museum Theater ... - Read more

From € 5.29

Guided tour with Giorgio Vasari or Lady Isabel de Remoso

Who better than Giorgio Vasari or Isabel de Remoso, in person, to open the doors of the Palazzo Vecchio to you? Discover key events in the history of Florence through the eyes of the two of the most relevant characters connected to the Palace's ... - Read more

From € 5.29

Visit to the Palace: Monumental Quarters and Bianca Cappello Room

Discover the magnificent collections “hidden” within the Palazzo Vecchio - paintings, sculptures, precious objects - and end your visit in a place not usually open to the public, where you’ll enjoy the view through a secret ... - Read more

From € 5.29

Palazzo Vecchio Secret Passages Tickets

Let your imagination take flight and experience the past as if it were the present – book your Secret Passages of the Palazzo Vecchio Tour tickets with Weekend in Italy! The Secret Passages Tour takes you into places within Florence's ... - Read more

Tales for the Little Ones

Discover the stories and legends of Palazzo Vecchio with the Children's Museum! Here, the children are welcomed into Bia and Garcia's Storytelling Room, where they will hear and see stories told by actors in period clothing. Through the ... - Read more

Fresco Painting - Apprentices in the Atelier

Become an apprentice for an afternoon - create your own small fresco, and learn hands-on about this ancient and challenging technique! The workshop leader will illustrate the characteristics of the fresco techniques, demonstrate them in the atelier, ... - Read more

Life at the Medici Court

Visit the ducal apartments, including the secret study room of duchess Bianca Cappello, usually closed to the public. Discover the fascinating and personal details of the everyday life of the Medici. Your tour culminates with a visit to the Gallery ... - Read more

Palazzo Vecchio with Video Tablet Guide & Roman Theater Archaeological Site

Visit Palazzo Vecchio (Palazzo della Signoria), Florence’s government palace, and follow this guided tour into the underground archaeological site. The fascinating remains of the Roman Theater are what is left of a theater that could hold over ... - Read more

The Places of Dan Brown's Inferno

“ The Palazzo Vecchio resembles a giant chess piece. With its robust quadrangular facade and rusticated square-cut battlements, the massive rooklike building is aptly situated, guarding the southeast corner of the Piazza della Signoria” ... - Read more

Access to Arnolfo Tower & Video Guided Tour of Palazzo Vecchio Combo Ticket

Climb the 223 steps of the Torre Arnolfo, which has been towering over the Palazzo Vecchio and Florence as a symbol of the city government for close to 1,000 years. The view over the city is simply breathtaking. And the history contained in the ... - Read more