Archaeological Sites and Museums

One of the most exciting aspects of any Italian vacation is to discover some of its countless archaeological sites (many of which are still active research sites) and archaeological museums. Purchase your tickets at!

Millennia of history can be traced on the Italian peninsula. Book your tickets for Italy’s archaeological sites and museums, and discover the history of Western civilization in often stunning natural settings and fascinating museums.

National Roman Museum Combo Ticket

The Roman National Museum is your ticket to the world's greatest collection of ancient Greco-Roman art

This is your ticket to the world's greatest collection of ancient Greco-Roman art.

Hadrian's Villa Adriana Tivoli

The created dream of Emperor Hadrian

Visit Emperor Hadrian's countryside villa - it bears unique testimony to his accomplishments and the decorative trends of the period.

Domus Aurea: Nero's Palace

Enjoy the exceptional immersive exhibition is dedicated to the rediscovery of ancient painting, buried in the “caves” of the forgotten ruins of Nero’s immense imperial palace!

Pompeii Archaeological Area

Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world to show an ancient Roman center and represents a unique heritage of architecture, sculptures, paintings and mosaics.

Pompeii represents a unique heritage of architecture, sculpture, paintings, and mosaics - don't miss it!

Virtual Archaeological Museum Herculaneum

Take a journey through history and discover the beauty and fascination of a world that disappeared two thousand years ago - through interactive displays that digitally reconstruct the destroyed Roman towns and recreate life as it once was.

Caracalla Baths Ticket

Visit this architectural engineering feat from Ancient Roman times, one of the largest and best-preserved examples of an ancient public bath complex.

Valley of the Temples Archaeological Area

The largest archaeological site in the world, an entire valley populated by Greek and Roman buildings and incredible temples.

Your ticket to the Valley of the Temples - one of the most sublime examples of Greek art and architecture in Italy - is the perfect complement to the Museum of Agrigento.

Regional Archaeological Museum Antonio Salinas

The famous metopes of the temples in Selinunte are the focal point of the Regional Archaeological Museum in Palermo, which also preserves precious artifacts from Pompeii, and one of the most important collections of Etruscan and Punic art in Italy.

Zisa Palace in Palermo

Visit this summer residence of the Norman kings - the splendid and unusual Zisa Palace in Palermo is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale”.

Stefano Bardini Museum

The Stefano Bardini Museum, a civic museum dedicated to him, once his extremely refined shop, was donated by the antique dealer to the city of Florence in his will and today is an extraordinary treasure trove of masterpieces of all kinds

A private collection finally open to the public who knows how to choose


The same building has been a church and a warehouse for centuries in the historic center of Florence.

Orsanmichele complex halfway between the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio reopens after 400 days with new restoration and layout