There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites awaiting the discerning visitor in practically all parts of Italy. Find your tickets to these treasures of mankind at WeekendinItaly.com.

Italy is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites - and here, with WeekendinItaly.com, you can purchase tickets to many of them. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your vacation into an unforgettable moment of connecting with the greatest treasures of humanity.

Hadrian's Villa Adriana Tivoli

The created dream of Emperor Hadrian

Visit Emperor Hadrian's countryside villa - it bears unique testimony to his accomplishments and the decorative trends of the period.

Caserta Palace

The challenge was to have a Palace that was more impressive than Versailles: you can judge for yourself if the result is achieved.....

Your Naples museum ticket to the grandeur of Italy's 18th century aristocracy.

Domus Aurea: Nero's Palace

Enjoy the exceptional immersive exhibition is dedicated to the rediscovery of ancient painting, buried in the “caves” of the forgotten ruins of Nero’s immense imperial palace!

Pompeii Archaeological Area

Pompeii is the only archaeological site in the world to show an ancient Roman center and represents a unique heritage of architecture, sculptures, paintings and mosaics.

Pompeii represents a unique heritage of architecture, sculpture, paintings, and mosaics - don't miss it!

Cathedral of Siena and Piccolomini Library

Admire the most famous floor in the world, an unexpected masterpiece!

Your Siena Cathedral tickets admit you to one of the most beautiful churches of Christianity, and to the Piccolomini Library with frescoes by Pinturicchio and his school.

Cathedral of Siena: Gate of Heaven Visit and OPA SI PASS

Admire the breathtaking view of the Sienese countryside and the interior of the Duomo from above, an experience to remember

The Gate of Heaven Tour takes you under the roof, into the spires, and closer to the stunning architecture and art of the Siena Cathedral. Includes the OPA SI Pass, which gives you access to the entire Siena Cathedral Complex.